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ring it in — Wild Rye Fields 
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Vigils Keep I. Leader
Nineva Hervok
visit from vk to wrf, so heads up to @Jessie and @Laike! neha is with her c:

Now that she'd done all she could for the packs in the South, it was high time they made their visit to their next-closest neighbor, the Fields, before any other messes cropped up and delayed her any further. Ensuring to give the Surge their distance, Nineva and @Neha stayed North of the Fjord, hugging the treeline of the lowlands as they made their way West. From the information garnered from Aytigin, the Keep queen dared to hope these wolves would be far more relaxed and friendly than their greedier counterparts south of the lake.

Of course if they ended up having a problem with them too, it would be the last straw that broke the camel's back and caused Nineva to simply never contact other packs, as they were so far proving to be far more a headache than they were worth.

When they reached the Fields it was midday, the sky a deep blue and the sun strong. She and her watchmen had both caught a small morsel the last day of the trip as an offering of goodwill. Nineva set her own catch, a big chunker of a whistlepig, and then tilted back her head to call out for the leaders of the pack.

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Wild Rye Fields I. Leader
Laike Artemieva

Callers were always more welcomed than those pesky intruders. He cut through the territory in order to get their in the most timely manner possible. It was easy to spot the two of them in such nice weather. Had it been rainier the larger female likely would have blended in with the skies.

His lifted tail and head gave away his position in the pack without question. Briefly he glanced between them before noticing the food they had brought with them. This was bound to be good. What brings you to Wild Rye Fields? He asked with a raised brow as fiery orange eyes stayed trained on the duo. He had no doubt that @Jessie or even @Adelayde would be quick on his trail -- unless they had had a bit too much adventure lately.

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Adelayde Artemieva
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adelayde artemieva

The call was easily heard through the golden fields as the Rye Second went for a quick drink along the creek during the unrelenting heat. Her first border patrol was completed early in the morning before the sun rose to it's highest strength, with this withering heat they've been having within the lowlands, it was uncomfortable to be out of the shade mid-day. However, she wasn't going to let visitors be left at the borders unattended to, especially with their recent experience with vermin both in the coyote and wolf species.

It seemed her husband was the first on the scene as her mismatched eyes glanced at their two female visitors as she grazed her shoulder against her husband's in a silent greeting. Glancing swiftly to meet his fiery gaze before turning back to their visitors with a gentle smile grazing her lips once she was able to discover these two weren't the pesky loners they were unfortunately getting used to. Instead they were clearly from another pack, but one that was unfamiliar to the beta.

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Wild Rye Fields I. Leader
Jessie Tainn

Ever since Drestig's death, Wild Rye Fields seemed to be getting all the more popular. From trespassers to the endless amount of visitors - strangers and allies alike - the Rye team seemed to not be able to grab a break. When an unfamiliar call sounded from her borders, Jessie let out a tired sigh, shutting her eyes tight before opening them again. The Rye Queen forced herself to her paws, stretching before making her way towards the borders. She was not surprised to see that Laike and Adelayde arrived before her. Just as every time Jessie saw the couple together, she felt an ache in her chest. The woman was quick to shove it down, swallowing hard before stepping forward. The monochrome woman's tail swayed high above her back, standing on the other side of Laike.

Emerald eyes looked at their two newcomers before falling to the food offerings brought to them. They want something. The woman's lips pressed into a thin line and raised to meet the strangers. She would not be manipulated into helping strangers but would be willing to listen to what the women had to say.

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Vigils Keep II. Watchman
Neha Vuesain

It was with a small knot in her stomach, that Neha made the journey alongside Nineva. Their destination; Wild Rye Fields. A pack located in the north, making their home on the plains. She had only ever been to the region once, and even then, her stay was brief. She watched out for any sign of Surge or Edge wolves on the way, and especially coyotes who might be shadowing their every movement. Though, the vermin were the least of her concerns. Vigils Keep had not gotten off to a friendly start with either Driftwood or Shallows Edge. Hopefully this third neighbor of theirs would prove to be more accepting of the new pack.

During their pit stop, the pale agouti woman had caught a rabbit, plump from feasting on the abundance of fresh grass and roots. A gift alongside Nineva's, of good intention. She was not here as a diplomat or bodyguard, but as a sound representative of the pack. Her silver matriarch was a childhood friend after all, and Neha's support would remain unwavering. As her leader called for the alpha pair, she set down her catch, settling herself into a neutral posture. Her brown eyes were emotionless, but not harsh. Adding any touch of warmth to her face, would be a challenge to say the least. She was not the wolf she once was. Soon, Nineva's call was answered by not one, but three wolves. One boasting a pale coat and dominant posture, the second tawny and dual eyed, with a sweet smile to boot. And the third, salt and pepper in coloration, but boasting a more serious demeanor. Saying nothing, Neha inched her head down respectively, allowing her alphess to take the lead.

Neha can often be found close to Aleister's side and therefore may appear in any of his threads.