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Compass — Cold Water Creek 
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Her endeavor had taken her further south than she'd ever been on the eastern side of the mountain. The terrain was as easy to look at as any, the forestry seeming to be ever-changing the deeper she found herself traveling. With Askan's words in mind, she intended to respect the promise he'd made to the wolves of Oak Tree Bend, so when she did happen upon the faintest trail of a collective scent she'd mindfully changed her course to veer westward. After several hours in that general direction passed her by without a hint of another wolf, she supposed the area would be an appropriate vicinity to begin her search.

As Lyanna had suspected, it wasn't terribly difficult to find potential prey lingering about. She'd found a number of quail coveys that held little allure, given that she specifically was looking for something more substantial for the pack to hunt. There had also been traces of hogs, but as delectable as they were to eat, a sounder of them could be too dangerous to get tangled up with. Surprisingly, there weren't any caribou, either, but after a couple of days had passed by, she finally set her nose to something more promising than what she'd managed so far.

Crossing a wide and shallow bend of Cold Water Creek, her gaze fell to a track of deer prints dried in the mud of the bank. She sniffed around a bit, snorting some dirt that had tickled the insides of her nostrils. The trail wasn't old by any means and given the number of hock marks left behind by the herd there appeared to be a considerable number of targetable adults. Perfect

Lapping up a drink from the creek's notably cold waters, Lyanna licked the excess from her lips and went tracking on. Eventually the thick of the forest began to thin as the approached the tree line of a rolling meadow. The trunks of some of the softer-barked trees bore the scattered rubs of the herd that had recently passed this way. Yet to lay her eyes on it, it was reasonable to denote that they were nearby. The girl stepped softly, pausing to survey the horizon of tall, swaying grasses that covered the wave-like hills.

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