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Clearwater Tarn
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I approve all mention of Piety because my character.

Character Name: Awinita Macieo
How long has your character been in Relic Lore? Month and a half, give or take
Post Prompt Response:

Awinita had been informed of what was to be expected of her by helping out. Eager to care for someone and flex her healing skills again, she had agreed. Piety had told her she need not feel tied down here but that if they were to be healer and patient it only seemed right for her to join. The young Macieo had agreed and in fact, felt more comfortable being a part of something again. While the girl was not exactly extroverted she still needed the support and safety of a pack like most wolves.

When the tattered female had gone home, Awinita had slipped off to gather some plants. It was hard to find a lot on the mountain but she managed to scrap a few together in order to get started. With a few things clutched between her jaws, she returned back to the location she had been shown. She settled the plants down near her paws as she anxiously glanced around. It would have been easier if Piety could have just took her in herself but they both understood that wasn't her place.

Shakily she released a call for the leader of the Tarn. Whenever they arrived Awinita would explain the basics. "I-I met Piety and she invited me to come here and work as a healer." Hopefully that would be made clear the the bundle of herbs by her paws. "I'm Awinita, by the way."
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The tawny woman had been enjoying a little time resting by the tarn when she heard the call for the leader of the Tarn. That was her and it seemed this was her first official call as the leader. Not wanting to make their visitor wait too long to be greeted she quickly made her way to the border.

There she found a young female waiting with some plants at her feet. As the girl spoke it became clear that the plants must be used in healing. "I'm Cheedo, leader of the Tarn it's nice to meet you Awinita." She greeted with a smile. Then she added, "We can always use another healer and I trust Piety's judgement I welcome you to the Tarn. Please follow me and I can show you where you can settle in." Cheedo moved forward and brushed her side against the girls to place the Tarn scent on her coat before turning and leading her into the territory.

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