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Pookastone Scowle
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@Celandine @Morganna
He should have known better. He really did. It was just one of those should have, could have, would have things that would probably continue to probe his brain. Even as he hobbled to the safety of the Scowle's borders he couldn't help how his mind went back to the day. He'd just went for a patrol, out of the boundaries. Telling Morganna like it was any other day. Now he definitely look like he'd paid the price, not being as cautious as he ought to have been. Old blood caked his fur in strange patterns. Plastered on his neck in small portions, a blotch on a single shoulder, and a bit on his chest. Some of it was his, and some was not. He ought to have really went to the lagoon and cleaned himself up. For one he wasn't sure if he would have left it, and two he rather get home. Hope nothing else had went topsy, turvy. After collecting his breath for a moment, he gave a loud, long howl for Celadine and Morganna. He was alive, and okay. He was home. Despite being home, and exhausted, he still held himself respectably to the women. A low wagging tail, and crooked smile.

Celandine stopped as Renier's scent flew past her, mingled with blood and dirt. Wildly, she found herself turning up the Earth as pale limbs carried her forward. "Gods, what.. what.." There was no time, because there was never enough time, and he needed to see @Macha immediately. Without wasting another breath, the alpha ushered him into the borders, and called for Skoll's daughter.


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