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BWP Conclusion & Pack Updates
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BWP Conclusion & Pack Updates

After 5 months of wrecking chaos on Relic Lore, the packs of aggressive coyotes that have been plaguing our wolves have finally moved on, but the knowledge of why they originally came and why they're leaving comes at a high price. But what made them so aggressive in the first place? Beyond the safety of Sierra Hills in the east, forest fires have been raging throughout the summer. The smoke and destruction forced the coyotes form their homes, over the red hills, and into the forest of Relic Lore. With the arrival of fall, the fires have subsided and after facing enough resistance from our packs, the coyotes have returned home. But there is smoke is rising from Oak Tree Bend. Stray embers have found their way over the Sierra Hills, setting the Bend aflame...

It's been a rough summer for the wolves of Relic Lore - new alliances have been formed and new enemies have been made. Lone wolves in particular have had it rough, and we commend their perseverance; Arcus, Caelia, and Adarius in particular have had an interesting start to their young lives. We want to thank everyone who participated in the BWP. We hope you enjoyed having some spontaneity and conflict in your threads! We want to give a special shout out to Joe (@Vaken) for having the most BWP threads. We'd also like to congratulate all of the wolves of Shallows Edge who collectively had the most threads! We're only a little sorry that SoW seemed to like you so much. :) To reward and thank you for your participation, Sarah will be making you a skin.

Unfortunately, not all of our wolves have come through the summer unscathed. The tensions between Shallows Edge, Driftwood Surge, and Vigils Keep have escalated under the pressure of the presence of the coyotes. It is with a heavy heart that we must also announce that two of our packs have/or are in the process of disbanding. At the end of summer, Greer and Kyna Archer made the decision to move their pack out of Relic Lore and seek new adventures elsewhere.

On a serious note
Putting together this plot involved a lot of behind the scenes work and discussion from all staff members, and we'd like to thank our members for their patience while the staff dealt with some stress, chaos, and obstacles in real life. We'd like to be honest and say that the ending of the BWP did not really pan out as we had hoped, and we had several different things planned that were not able to come to fruition because we missed the boat on timing. We work really hard to make everyone happy, but at the same time our lives do come first. This is our hobby, and not our job. While we are open to suggestions to the player base under most circumstances, we would like to remind everyone to remain constructive and remember that there is an appropriate time and place for everything.
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Thank you staff for everything you do to keep the site lively! It was a really interesting plot, and that dramatic OTB ending though! It really feels like a season finale or something
I’m sad to see the coyotes go! And AH and OTB :’( but I look forward to watching the IC fallout. Thanks so much for all you guys do to keep the place going <3
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oh shit, otb nooo ;-;
thanks for the bwp guys!
The event was nice thing to have!

The 20% chance was perhaps little high, ensuring there were yotes in almost every thread, but it was enjoyable event in either case. :3

Thank you staff and others too for many interesting threads that spun out of this.

More events in The future definately welcome. Perhaps more voluntary or regional with irl time admitting ofcourse. ^^
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All my characters are available for spree anytime with anyone. Just poke in slack or send PM!
Staff, you guys do so amazing! Thank you for keeping this place running and giving us interesting plots to work with. So sad to see OTB and AH go!?
I think that Vaken had been an embodiment of literal "Coyote Magnet" if anything. Also like Ghostpaw said, perhaps 20% was too high of a chance for such an invasive event like that. Still, I enjoyed it myself for the most part and I'm sad to hear that we're loosing AH & OTB.
I really enjoyed the BWP! Sort of sad to see it go, I loved all the drama that came from it! And of course, it's bittersweet that AH ans OTB are disbanding, but they had good runs and it's always a good opportunity for drama!

And of course, I have to say SE woofers really hit it out of the ballpark, can't wait to see what the skin will look like! Awesome job everyone!!
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I love love loved this BWP! I found it extremely enjoyable to write and I'm sad to see it over. It contributed a lot to the development of Vaken's character. I can't imagine all the hard work that went into updating health bars and creating special BWP plot point threads. Staff outdid themselves!

Congrats SE for their BWP accomplishments!! Thank you Sarah for the prizes as well. I'm excited to see the skins when you are finished. I'm sad to hear AH and OTB are disbanding, but change with the new season is very exciting!
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RIP OTB and AH, all good things must come to an end.

( Aquila curse, maybe...? Hmm.... )
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