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Driftwood Surge
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Character name: Helen
How long has your character been in Relic Lore?: About three days

Your wolf has arrived at the borders of Driftwood Rush. The leader of the pack stands before you, asks to know why you are here. Your wolf explains they wish to join and the leader asks "why? What can you offer?" What does your character say? What is it about Driftwood Surge that has intrigued them? How can she/he prove herself to Lachesis? Be persuasive, but don't be dishonest.


"I neither know you nor your pack, not even the pack's name, but I trust all of you, because I have no one left to trust." Settled at the borders of the pack territory, Helen gazed earnestly at the stranger with longing in her eyes. "Life as a lone wolf is harder than I thought. Survival is my top priority of all times, but there's something I long for. I need someone to be with, someone whom I can trust and rely on. In return, I would look out and protect that same someone." Mind racing, Helen had no idea what she was saying anymore. She sucked in a deep breath, before continuing: "To put it short, I need company. In exchange, I can provide anything within my abilities."

"I will try my best to offer you everything I have. I can help to hunt for prey, as a faithful subordinate. Even as the lowest of the lowest, I can teach and raise the young ones. I may not be the best wolf for your pack, and I can't promise that I can offer everything you want." she stated truthfully. "But I would try my very best of my abilities to do as what you wish. I would dedicate all of my efforts to strengthening your pack. I'm a hard worker, if that is the kind of wolf you are looking for. I would never slack off. I promise I would show never-ending loyalty to you, and your pack only. You have my word."
He blinked at the stranger, his tail arced over his back as his chin raised slightly to show his position within the pack. While he was unsure of the younger female Lachesis did not know if it was wise to turn her away—especially when there was another pack so close to them that she could easily grovel at. He did not doubt that the silver female to the north would collect whoever stumbled upon her borders in order to outnumber the Driftwood wolves. He nodded in response to the russet female before speaking, his voice firm and level: “Prove yourself. Start at the lowest and show us that you are a wolf of your word. I’ll show you to the dens and then you can start on your first task. We have young mouths to feed: bring something back to the caches before nightfall.” He motioned at her to follow him between the trees without another word.

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