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my mind's eye — Riddle Heights 
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Ferreiran Morse
Ferreiran, a swarm of fireflies seem to escort you this evening. AW!
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What use are words

A light showed in the grasses beside him for a fraction of a moment. Then another to his left, blinking twice, moving through the twilight sky. It was still raining, but Ferreiran, huddled in a small burrow, felt warm. The lights were like stars falling to earth with the rain. I didn't know it could rain stars, he thought, smirking at the beautiful absurdity. But it was true.

One light flickered right near him, and he froze, staring at the bug with glowing eyes. It had six spindly legs, a hard shell, and a glowing rear end. The carrier of stars.

Blink, blink.

Maybe it wasn't the best place to ride out the storm, dripping with mud from the ceiling of the makeshift den, but he couldn't bring himself out into the showers, especially now that he shared it with a star carrier. He closed his eyes, yawned, and settled in.

Blink, blink.

If you understand my thoughts

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