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Fire Clarification
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Quick Clarification

We apologize for not making this more clear earlier, but the fire that destroyed Oak Tree Bend was localized to only the pack territory and did not affect any of Spectral Woods besides the air quality. No other wolves would have sustained damage from the fire except for smoke inhalation, unless they were in the actual Fire thread taking place in Oak Tree Bend. We want to keep this contained for a couple of reasons, mainly being that we don’t want there to be wild fires popping up all over Relic Lore or confusing accounts of the fire. If there are any existing threads to the contrary (where someone was burned outside of the fire thread, where there were other fires, etc) then the threads will need to be edited to remove those events. In the case of finished threads, the events can simply be considered not to have happened. For those affected by this, you can let the staff know if you would prefer the thread be deleted or moved to dead. If you have any questions feel free to PM Spirit of Wildwood. We would prefer you don’t use the #questions channel in slack.