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dark days — Red Fern Forest 
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All Welcome, no more than 1-2 other wolves please; following the river that cuts through Red Fern Forest north towards Secret Falls

I miss the tone of your heartbeat

He rolled his shoulder back; letting some of the tension that had built up in his bones dissipate as he pushed his way through the woods. He missed his home, but it was no more, his emerald eyes scouring through the terrain, glancing up at the stars above him. On his current path, he was heading northwest, and he could see the mountains in the distance. Возможно, моя дорогая сестра, мы скоро воссоединимся. He’d never stop looking for her. He was certain that she would have continued on her course after he had lost her scent from time. Thunderstorms had slowed him down, and eventually her scent trail had been lost.

She had probably pushed ahead recklessly through the storms, that was just what she would do. Chosovi would likely meet her end that way, he was sure. The protector felt responsible… often times he pushed others aside, making it very clear that he found his own wellbeing more important than that of anothers, but his dear sister had been one of the few exceptions to that persona… like she could eat through the cold exterior he’d adopted after their father’s death.

He sighed, breathing in deep, looking for some sign of another life, whether it be some company or something to eat. He’d been starved of both, one much longer than the other, and either was welcome in his book. He could hear the rushing of water – he’d been following its path to guide him to some kind of civilization. Where there was water, after all, there was life.

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Atsila Macieo
Where the hell was her sister? Awinita couldn’t have been too far ahead of her, right? It didn’t feel like she had been that far behind.

Oh well. Nita was an adult - she would be fine... but that wouldn’t stop Atsila from scouring the Lore in an attempt to find her. The russet girl was bullheaded as hell anyway, and even more so where her family was involved. So finding Awinita was a top priority at the moment.

This forest was cool, though. She blended in well.

Stopping by a cool stream, the young woman leaned down to take a drink. She was tired of wandering on her own, at any rate. It kind of sucked, not having anyone to talk to or buddy up with.

And Atsila just didn’t do well on her own.
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A nearby creek is full to the brim with fish. +3 Health
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I miss the tone of your heartbeat

There were sounds, noises that caused the Russian brute to turn, his ears flattening against his skull, breathing in the scents around him again. He could already tell it wasn’t his sister, but perhaps it was someone who had already seen the equally dark woman… he carefully weaved through the forest, towards the river, his emerald eyes locking on the unfamiliar form. “Здравствуйте мадам.” He greeted in a low tone, not quite knowing which language those native to this section of land spoke. His parents had both spoken Russian, but many in the pack had spoken English so he was familiar with both, though he preferred the tongue of the motherland. “H-He-Hello.” He greeted, his English rusty from his time alone, and before that the time with his constant companion he’d found in his sister.

“Как вас зовут??” He asked, trying to get formal greetings out of the way. “W-What’s your n-name.” He was careful to enunciate each syllable to make sure he didn’t slur together what wasn’t supposed to be slurred. His safest bet was just to talk in both until he became familiar enough with the dictional patterns within the forest and surrounding territories. This place was strange, held a strange aura to it. He’d detected it almost immediately… but perhaps he was just a superstitious old man in a younger body… perhaps an incorrigible feat... but perhaps not, if he could only figure out where the hell Chosovi had gone.

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Tzila Achlys
Tzila was just about done with this place. She felt she had lingered in the region long enough. It had much to offer, but not necessarily for a wolf like herself. There was only one pack that she knew of. Somewhere near the falls, and she did not intend on venturing too close, lest she upset those wolves. The great oak forest to the south was charred from a recent forest fire. That area she steered clear of, knowing resources there would be non existent. 

She followed the natural path of the stream that cut it's way through the red leafed forest, using it as her route of choice. She'd head north and turn towards the mountain again. That was, if everything went according to plan. Her pace was brisk, dark paws trampling over the assortment of fallen leaves littering the floor. Unexpectedly, in the very same direction she was going, she heard a voice. Masculine, thick in broken English. Brows pinching, as she waltzed along the opposite bank of the stream, the two wolves came into sight. One distinctly russet and one as dark as herself. A splashing in the water made her ears twitch. A short ways downstream, a bounty of fish awaited. They were likely stragglers in their migration. Never one to turn down a good opportunity, the dark female let out a single, short chuff towards the other two. She wouldn't stop them from joining her. There was plenty to go around.
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Atsila Macieo
Atsila looked up when she heard a voice speaking in a language she hadn't heard before. Light blue eyes moved over to fix on the dark wolf approaching, and she offered a small, friendly smile in spite of the fact that she couldn't quite understand him. Then he spoke in English - broken and stuttered though it may be. Still, it was understandable - even with that accent of his.

"Atsila," she greeted, dipping her head and turning toward the larger wolf so she was able to face him more fully. "Atsila Macieo. Who are you?" The young wolf was nothing if not friendly, and talking with anyone was better than just talking to herself. Maybe she could make a friend out of this one.

Clearing her throat, she looked over to the sound of another chuff. A girl, smaller and younger than she, was standing on the opposite bank of the stream, going toward a writhing pool of fish. She waved her tail, pleased to see that there was someone else nearby as well. Maybe either of them could have seen Awinita. But that was a question for later.
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It seemed she spoke English, so the foreign man was forced out of his comfort zone, much preferring the tongue of the motherland to that of those native to these parts. “Kaga Andreevich.” His accent was thick, his ears perking as he turned his head, spotting the other wolf who had joined the party. “I’m n-new to ts-these parts.” It was always certain sounds that tripped him up, wanting to replace ‘th’ sounds wth ‘ts’. “очень приятно!” He wasn’t entirely sure of what it translated to in English (it was the equivalent of nice to meet you!) because he’d never entirely paid attention to manners – that had been his sister.

“Where… here..?” Did she know anything about these lands, about his sister who no doubt was roaming aimlessly through these parts with her dubious sense of adventure and rather annoying penchant for finding trouble no matter where her paws took her. He was his sister’s keeper, and losing the keepee wasn’t the most formidable of jobs for the test. He turned, glancing at the other wolf who was still off in the distance, seeing if perhaps she had heard the question and had knowledge of her own to impart.