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Lila Aquila

This....this was familiar. Or so she thought. The mountain was on her left. A landmark she couldn't mistake. Those woods to the right... she'd been in them before. Just not this meadow. With all the dead foliage around her she'd admit it even now it was pretty in some strange way. But she really craved to know what it looked like in full bloom. Were the flowers all the same color? As she strode quietly, drawing out her steps, her blue-gray eyes scanned beneath her feet upon the different remains. Some were so tiny she wondered how they'd lived at all. The others were long, and pokey looking. Only now and then did she look up.

Whenever a noise sounded she would freeze, despite wishing her body would stop doing that. She couldn't really convince herself she was safe. That she shouldn't be jumping at the slightest hint of another living thing.

Flexing her jaw, she was pretty sure she ought to turn around. Go home. Least get started in the right direction. She still had no idea what the smoke had been about. She didn't realize where it had come from. Even not knowing that, standing amongst the decaying flowers she wished shed she'd chosen a different path all together. Not to be in this meadow. Not to be a guardian. Not to have even left the Spectral Woods.

When did anyone get what they wished?

The young wolf had to fight back the raw emotions. She didn't want to deal with all the anger and sadness. But it was beginning to be a losing battle. Hoping to distract herself her nose began to twitch. Was that an old deer on the wind? She eased onward, testing the air again. Something had died but she wasn't sure now it was just deer. Lila couldn't quite find the courage to find out either. She stood there like the lost one she was.