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I just want another taste of your venom — Red Fern Forest 
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Askan Selwyn
Spoopy RE:Askan you've eaten a few too many overripe apples, and you're starting to feel a bit tipsy!

Golly gosh.

This was certainly...a thing. Now, bare in mind Askan wasn't the sort to eat random plants willy-nilly, but an apple was just that. Soft and juicy, a sweet little treat even he-a legendary hardass- couldn't resist. He hadn't intended to eat them all! But there were so many laid out before him, littering the ferny floor that he just had to eat one or two.  He didn't stop there though he at three and then ate another, then another and now...Phew, he felt a little weird. Good weird, buzzy weird, blurry weird. Had there been any apples left he would have kept on crunching, but they were all gone! Noooo. And thus began his hunt, he wobbled further into the Ferns on the prowl for some more goodies.

Man, he really really really loved @Reyes.  Like loooove love. More than sleep, more than eating and even more than scratching a really hecking satisfying itch. The thought made him stumble to a stop as he lifted up his back leg to kick at the air, yep just like that! Scratching pro! Except it felt a whole lot better when Reyes was nibbling at the thick fur of his neck, like a- like uhhhh. Even more heat rushed into his cheeks as his tail whipped behind him, like he was trying to use it as a helicopter blade to take flight. For what it was worth, it felt like he was soaring, more maybe hovering above the ground like a hummingbird. Swoop swoop.

Askan laid down then onto his back, his legs pointed skyward as he did his best impression of an upturned turtle. Yeah, he felt pretty damn swell.