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grows while i decay — Mount Hollow 
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Cyril Kael-Santoro
all welcome, 1-2 others. late evening.
You're tucked in your den when something goes bump in the night -- but when you get out to investigate, there's neither hide nor hair of a trespasser!

He had been staying close to the south since bumping into Adeltra. Partly because he wanted to remain close to his friend but also because he was still recovering from his adventure south. His paws were no longer raw but he did not trust them enough to make another lengthy trek… but he was not even sure where he would venture to. He had seen the north and the south, as well as most of the west… the only thing left to explore was east… but he was not sure he was ready to cross over the mountain yet. A few more days, maybe  a few weeks, and he could attempt passing the mountain. That was, if it was not covered in snow.

The air was growing colder and his pelt was getting thicker; winter was well on its way. Soon the land of Lore would be covered in a thick blanket of snow and Cyril would be confined to whichever side of the mountain he ended up on. The Kael-Santoro did not intend to join a pack anytime soon—or ever—which meant he would have to fend for himself as winter settled in. It would not be easy but the yearling was not the social type. He could not force himself to join a pack if it did not feel right.

He was not sure if any pack was going to feel right.

Cyril had cozied up inside the cave at the base of the mountain despite knowing that it was not his to claim. Some days he would find a tree to curl up next too (weather permitted) and other nights he would find himself nestled against the cool, stone walls of the cave. It made him feel a lot safer than being out in the open… even though the large cave was an invitation to other critters…

A sound pulled him out of his slumber, causing his head to snap up from his paws. His yellow gaze struggled against the darkness for a moment as he searched for what had caused the sound… but there was nothing on the wind… His brows pinched tight as he rose to his paws, the fur on the back of his neck bristling as he padded toward the mouth of the cave. A frown creased his features as he realized there was nothing there, but he did not know whether to be relieved or not. Something had made a noise and it was possible it was still out there. Waiting for him. Watching.