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ooc name: cadence
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He'd been hidden away at the back of the den, wallowing in his own misery and guilt. When Leotie had come to check in, the boy pretended to be asleep, unwilling to see the disappointment on her face when it was only him she found. Still, part of him wished she would settle in next to him, wrap around him and share her warmth and comfort. He needed it so badly, but his needs weren't all that existed. Scully heard her leave, heard her begin to cry, and he curled up more tightly into himself, desperate to block it out.

He'd always thought Avella told him everything, that there wouldn't ever be anything he didn't know about his sister. It was the same with Ragnar and Freyja, it was just natural, or at least had always felt like it. Now, he was questioning his relationship with her, because as much as that hurt to do, it was better than the alternative; something had forced her to do this. Death, injury, captivity...

Shakily, he rose to his paws. As much as he didn't want to face his parents' grief, he knew he had to be a part of it. Scully sulked out of the den and huddled against his mother's flank, closing his eyes and leaning his head against her plush side. His only contribution to the conversation was a heartbroken whimper.

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