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she's seeing red — Red Fern Forest 
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Nora Lark
((I have no clue how to format things on this website so apologises in advance for how this is going to look. I also haven't roleplayed in a hot minute - maybe two whole years, so sorry if this reads badly. I'll get back into it. Also: first post here! Nice.))

Like most small, smart wolves in larger, unknown places, Nora had spent the better part of her day in hiding. This forest of ferns was unfamiliar to her, and though she'd attempted to find some point of reference, anything that could tell her where she was going or take her back the way she'd come, it was ultimately fruitless. The further she travelled, the denser the undergrowth became, her fur scraping against bristles as the woods reminded her of their dominance. She had bared it at first, had accepted how lost she was, or how alone, or something, but she was close to letting up now. It wasn't that she was exhausted - or even tired, really - but rather boredom had smacked her in the skull, ultimately numbing any shred of intelligent thought she still possessed.

"Hoooow do I leeeeave?" She sang aloud, not considering the very basic fact that she was alone, or in unknown territory, or small - all in all, she wasn't quite on the ball right now. Pausing for a moment when the tree ahead of her didn't reply - this at least she had anticipated - she crooned once again: "Wheeeere's the eeeexit?" The silence was infuriating to her, and some rigid feeling, hot and helpless, rose in her chest, threatening to boil her from the inside as it had been threatening all these months since she'd left. Each and every time, she had suppressed it, opting instead to live in the present rather than ruminate on the past, but it was becoming more difficult in the past week. Everything still felt fresh.

Her aloneness felt fresh. The air felt fresh. The shame felt fresh. It would burn her.

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Shallows Edge III. Yearling
Sachiel Leigh Selwyn

Sachiel felt as though karma was catching up to him. He had left his own family, all those months ago, and now his new family was leaving him. First Hawthorne, then Reyes… the agouti boy feared that Askan, too, would desert him. Maybe not physically, but mentally. Sachiel already spent most of his time on his own, pacing the surrounding forests and keeping himself occupied. Providing food for the caches. Guarding the borders. Doing whatever was necessary to be a good boy because keeping himself busy was the only way to keep him sane. He could feel the monochrome walls around him beginning to crumble as he struggled to fill the holes.

The forest of the crimson ferns was a familiar haunt, but the red leaves no longer captivated him like they used to. Everything around him was muted; the colours had lost their lustre. Everything was blue-black, deep mahogany or grey. Boring. Uninteresting. The only thing that kept him going was Askan, because while he feared that the grumpy Edge Lord would leave him Sachiel refused to let the Selwyn down. He couldn’t give his adoptive father a reason to leave him.

A sing-song voice captured his attention, causing his mismatched gaze to narrow as his nose wrinkled. Huh. His ears twitched as the voice came a second time, asking about an exit. Apparently the voice was lost—not uncommon for the red fern forest. He stepped forward, closer to the voice, his brows still knitted together as he searched for the creature attached to the song.

sachiel has a photographic memory & associates moods/emotions with colours
fun fact: he hates the colour orange