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.... ooc name: Kristen
.... current characters: Ellery, Leith, Adeltra
.... how you found us: ???
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): set
....a role play sample (200+ words): <p>He uncle came to sit next to her, and she offered him a glance of her persian blue gaze. She was much like her mother, offering simple gestures of acknowledgment. Then, Aytigin started speaking and she reluctantly directed her attention back to him. He held none of the posture he should have, for all the high and mighty crap he’d spewed to her. The least he should have done would have been to carry himself properly. If he was going to stand in his position of shame, he might as well own it. She scoffed when he tried to play the pity party act, like he was some sort of benevolent spirit sent to save them from their own chaos. If anything, he was the malevolent spirit who had caused it in the first place. She outwardly snorted. He knew how she felt, there was no need to hide it.</p>

<p>He said that he’d give <i>his</i> position back to her mother when she was healthy again. Again will the benevolent act, god it made her was to puke. He wasn’t giving anything, he’d stolen it in the first place. Then, he asked that everyone give their opinion. A small smirk lifted the corners of her maw at this and she sat back fully on her haunches as Judas began, a smug look on her face. The Archer brothers stood firmly by their side, uttering exactly what she’d told the man herself. How was <i>that</i> for being a child? Even the <i>adults</i> were saying what she had.</p>

<p>But, she suddenly went rigid as he uncle spoke. Her gaze snapped toward him, a deep frown marring her blonde maw. He was...defending him? Defending that stupid man against his own family? Her blood boiled, and as her mother rose to move away from him she did the same. A scalding look was thrown, the same amount of disapproval and betrayal displayed on her features. Never did she think her own blood would do such a thing to them. It was...unsettling.</p>

<p>She sat next to her mother as the silver woman spoke simple words, displeased with the fact that they were leaving but understanding all the same. Once she’d finished, Ellery looked around them. <b> “I’d rather those who have stood by us come. After all, a <i>pup</i> should have only good influences. Right?”</b> she said, leveling her gaze on the Delaney man.</p>

and finally a bit about your character... Sweet spunky gorl

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