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Emmaline rejoin, last time I swear!
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Thoughts. Speech.

.... ooc name: Hawthorne.
.... current characters: Alvar, Emmaline.
.... how you found us: Been here.
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): 80 Stamina, 80 speed, 40 strength.
....a role play sample (200+ words):Emmy was enjoying life with her bother and his mate, he was so kind and she was so fun, it was just wonderful to be with them, and yet a bit saddening, seeing them together made her long for a mate of her own, someone who she could love in a different way than Icarus, But all the same, she was young and that was a long way off. She smiled and decided to forget about it for now and just enjoy her life.

She walked up to her brother, who was sitting in front of a treeline with his mate, staring at the sunset, she sat down and was ready to lay her head on the ground when her brother turned and looked at her quizzically, asking who she was. Emmy was startled and said who she was to him, jokingly as she believed that he was fooling, but when he said he had never met her before, she started to be a bit more serious about it, reminding him firmly who she was, and still he persisted, seemingly clueless as to her identity. Emmy was scared now, and she watched as her brother rose from the ground and walked toward her saying... "Who are you? Who are you?" over and over again, until she was screaming "MAKE IT STOP, MAKE IT STOP!!!".

She jolted awake and saw she was back in her makeshift bed she had made last night, and the sun was rising... "It was just a dream." She told herself as she got up and stretched. She smiled and looked towards the sunrise, and set off again, it was time for some breakfast.

and finally a bit about your character... Emmaline is a fun-loving adventurous girl. She was picked on early on in life for being so in-tune with her older brother, she did everything with him, from eating to hunting to playing. So it should be no surprise that when he left her, she was devastated. She now sees her own parents as the enemy, seeking only to find her brother and never let go of him again. To wolves she has never met before, she can be a bit (Look up the definition.) tsundere, but with a bit of talking and softness, she becomes curious and a bit gullible.