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.... ooc name: Grey
.... current characters: Skoll & Mouse
.... how you found us: RoW is permanently bookmarked in my Chrome browser
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): Already assigned.
....a role play sample (200+ words):
From Golden Opportunities{BWP}:

Water. Running water. It was music to his ears. He knew it had been a stupid move to stray from the river's banks and as soon as he had left the Palisade at his back, the creek that had come from the Fjord was gone. He lost a day just circling back around. Now, he was here, being drawn towards a Spring, tongue lolling from his mouth and his throat scratchy beyond his belief.

He had been so adamant on finding the pool that he had not even seen just who had been sharing the water's edge with him. The Prince's head ducked down as he practically mirrored her from across the way, tongue lapping at the water in all attempts to slake his thirst. At least the heat had not been as terrible as it had been some time before, but he had been on his feet for the past few hours. Ideally, traveling at night was best this time of year, but he had the energy today to push himself a little further - and, so, here he was...

Water droplets that missed his mouth completely fell back into the pool, little splashes and ripples breaking the customary sounds of passing birds, buzzing insects, and the rustling of distant trees. He caught his breath and, in regaining his composure, he caught a glimpse of her. A spritely thing with tawny fur. The corners of his mouth twitched but he did not speak, wondering if she, too, would take notice of him.

and finally a bit about your character...
Rajan made a terrible attempt at navigating Relic Lore during the last BWP and I eventually dropped him... So now he's back; and, with Spring on the rise, he hopes to kick start his onsite ventures once more.