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'cause I like high chances that I might lose — Fallen Tree Cove 
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Birtie Parlow
@Tagg kind of shoddy starter, sorry! || Late Morning, Overcast Clouds, -11.21 ° F, -24 ° C

She padded around the border with ease, a soft of confidence in her step and her tail arched delicately. After their cache incident she had decided to patrol the border with more...moxie than before in case any loners were trying to get any ideas. The thought made her muscles ache for a fight. Granted she had the scars and half-blind condition to remind her to pick her fights wisely. Although perhaps they would also ward off any threats. She had not let her lacking sight hinder her.

The Cove leader halted and brushed her form against a stale scented tree. Every last marker would need to be fresh to keep up with her new, higher standards.

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Tagg Eastfall
Ever since the incident with the missing food, Tagg had taken to patrolling with much more vigor than he had in a while.  It was winter, and he wouldn't let outsiders steal their much-needed food. He'd slacked off enough - to be fair, he'd been hurt - but his return to full time duties was long overdue.

This time, however, he smelled someone he didn't see frequently: their new alpha.

Tagg hadn't interacted with Birtie as much as he should have, especially with how small their pack was. He got the feeling that she didn't like him very much, though he wasn't entirely sure why that would be or why he thought that.  He might as well take the opportunity to talk to her and maybe gain an insight into the woman Kajika had chosen to share his life and family with.

He picked up his pace, hoping he wasn't far behind.  What on earth was he going to say? What was there to talk about?

"Birtie," he called as he approached her, not wanting to sneak up on her. "do you mind if I join you on your patrol?"

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Fallen Tree Cove I. Leader
Birtie Parlow


Her head swiveled and her gaze found a familiar enough figure. It was not someone she had expected to come to her. For the most part, she knew little of the man beside whatever @Kajika had told her of him. She knew he was Moonshadow's partner though and the Cove's official guardian. Those things were enough for her to welcome the man with a soft wave of her muzzle. I don't mind at all. Her words came with ease as she pulled away from the tree.

It's good to see you out and about. How are you feeling? While it may have been seen as small talk to some, Birtie was genuinely interested in the well-being of the Cove's wolves. Granted there was no telling if she was concerned out of actual feelings or a sense of duty.

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