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Forty days and forty nights — Iridescent Lagoon 
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RE: Torrential rain has caused flooding in certain areas. Open to packmates.
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Narrow peach eyes squinted against the downpour, watching the water lap at the edges of the lagoon. It seemed unseasonable, the snow barely having a chance to stick to the ground before being melted away by the never-ending rain. If ice remained, it would be unsafe to walk on, and an observer wouldn't be sure if the snort that left her then was at a silent observation or from a frigid drop of water sliding into her nose. She didn't like it.

Lifting her rump from the ground with a shake (for all the good it would do her), she thought to check and see if the meadow was as waterlogged as the marsh. It wouldn't bode well for them or the Ridge if all their low-lying hunting grounds were swallowed up by water.

this is my kingdom come
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Sedna shadowed her mother on her rounds. While she would usually spend this part of the day keeping an eye on @Vareth or hounding her father or Macha for lessons, today was wet, just like yesterday and the day before. It was hard to practice tracking and while she didn't mind getting wet, she didn't necessarily want to be muddy from scuffling with the other cubs either.

There was something in the set of her mother's shoulders, the scowl that tugged at the edge of her lips before she snorted that told the girl it was best not to be asking questions right now, so instead she fell in alongside her mother, with a touch of her nose to the older wolf's shoulder. She hadn't been around for long enough to know that something wasn't right, but Morganna's reaction to it was all that she needed to know. She could feel the hair prickling between her shoulders, she was sure the lake monster found the weather just fine, but the near yearling was beginning to miss the feeling of being dry.

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A nearby creek is full to the brim with fish. +3 Health