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.... ooc name:
.... current characters:
Ferreiran, Nymphnora, Salvador
.... how you found us:
Been here!
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength):
Speed: 75, Stamina: 75, Strength: 75
....a role play sample (200+ words):
In the depths of night, a dark wolf stalked the forest. He was only a yearling, but he was leaving his only home forever. The male didn't know what he should do but, at the same time he knew he had to leave. The logic of his mind mixed with the feelings caged within his heart. He let out a deep sigh. This forest was his home, more than even his pack's den ever was, and his heart ached at the thought of abandoning it. One last hunt, he promised himself. Then I have to go.

He resumed his silent lope, searching the air with his nose even as he ran. The scent of a rabbit, musky and light, came to him and he immediately dropped his pace. If he was a shadow before, he was now the ghost of that shadow, slinking through the undergrowth. The deliciously tasteful prey scent stayed in his nostrils and he couldn't help taking a moment to revel in it before continuing. The calm forager turned to pure fear as its unseen killer leapt from the bushes and snapped its neck. The wolf dropped his head to the ground for a few seconds to give his customary respect. He knew other wolves didn't do it but for some reason it felt important to him.
and finally a bit about your character....
Seventeen underwent testing for a year until finally escaping into Relic Lore
Have you read my player preferences?
Hi Wolfsong,

Your profile and application are acceptable, but I do need to ask that you elaborate on her history a bit more. We do allow wolves who have been raised in captivity to be played on RoW, but we require that they provide a realistic explanation for how they were able to survive given they didn't grow up learning how to properly hunt and otherwise survive. Beyond that, the way her history is currently written, it makes it sound as though she was freed and surviving on her own at 6 weeks, which is far too young for her to have reasonably survived without an adult.