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Only Time Will Tell — Fallen Tree Cove 
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Tagg knew something was up with Moon.  She had been keeping to herself a lot lately, and he wasn't entirely sure if it was because they weren't spending a lot of time together, or if they didn't spend a lot of time together because she was keeping to herself.  Either way, the man knew he was failing in his duties as both a mate and a father.  His children continued to disperse, though at least Chan had let them know he was heading out this time. His wife was no doubt upset about this, and he'd been more focused on the coyote problem.

The memory of Tikhi was beginning to fade, but Tagg also wondered if that was something that plagued his love as well.  It had been almost a year, but she had been so disturbed that he was afraid she was going to leave him. Everything had turned out alright... but the fear still lurked.

He needed to find out what was going on and make it better - at least try. Not only this but he missed spending time with his darling wife. He wasn't sure the efficacy his effort would have, but it was the effort itself that counted, right?

With this in mind, he set off to find his wife.

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I think I need help, cuz I'm drowning in myself

Keeping to herself had been no secret among the pack though with her daughter and Solas back the ebony she wolf was trying her best to get back on her feet. She had to get back to normal for her family, but some days went better than others and this particular day was somewhere in the middle. With a huff Moonshadow laid down on her favorite rock over hang. The sun was warm on her dark fur, which temped her to take a nap. Slowly dark lids fluttered closed as the sounds of the cove continued around her. It was peaceful and allowed her to calm her thoughts and eventually drift off into a light sleep.

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