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Reboot: Setting & Territories
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Reboot: Setting & Territories

Much of RoW's territory richness has come from the creation of subterritories made by members. So I want to hear your thoughts on the type of setting you'd like to play in. Generally speaking, I imagine the setting will be similar to what we currently have: located somewhere in Canada, remote from humans, and split into a few regions. I'm open to general ideas & specific territories, but let's discuss!
This is really just kind of an...almost "wishlist" of territories that would be cool to see characters explore or live in. I'm not expecting all of them to be possible by any means though. I have included stock pictures for some rough ideas by what I mean when I suggest them.

* -- suggestions with an asterisk are more of my slightly hog-wild ideas that would be cool but no idea the plausibility of it!
** -- this would serve a purpose like Cold Water Creek. Large, runs through multiple territories and probably unclaimable.
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Need plenty of forest for my Ferr baby, and I'd love a mountain, kinda like the Mountain of Dire, but otherwise I don't really care.
Have you read my player preferences?
I love Becca's ideas & am gonna be using her layout just to keep things organized and consistent!

I'm going to include a few other ideas with brief descriptions just to toss around! I'd be totally willing to expand on their descriptions if need be, and encourage others to as well. If they don't make the final cut I won't be offended at all. Just hoping to get some creative juices flowing. I'll be adding to this list occasionally whenever the ideas hit.

Main Territories:
  • death valley/dead man's wake* (kinda based off Osoyoos, BC) - a dry grassland, possibly surrounded by uneven terrain. A harsh environment with little prey and shrubbery.
  • greenwood (kind of a wink to the wildwood) - a lush, dense area of woods filled with life.
  • winterberry meadow - While this territory is beautiful, it is also deadly. Don't be fooled by the bright fruit! While delicious looking, these decorative berries are poisonousness to wolves.
  • vale of mist - Only the brave dare travel into the thicket of these woods, many do not make it out. The area is perfect for hiding, with a thick layer of fog and endless trees.

  • crystal cascades - a small, hidden waterfall with icy clear water and thriving vegetation. It is a secret gem to stumble upon.
  • crow's murder - an unsettling dead land that hundreds of crows seem to call home. While mostly abandoned, the sound of these birds' cries echoes for miles.
  • hidden cave - a secret treasure tucked away. This cave is small but luxurious, providing shelter from harsh weather or storing food and herbs.  
  • red oak tree - In the center of the woods an old oak tree towers over, with bright red leaves no matter the season. Legends surround that the tree has magic qualities, but no one knows for sure.
  • sugar maple lane -
  • silent grotto -

    * -- suggestions with an asterisk are more of my slightly hog-wild ideas that would be cool but no idea the plausibility of it!
    ** -- this would serve a purpose like Cold Water Creek. Large, runs through multiple territories and probably unclaimable.

  • UPDATE: I loooove Vami's map outline!!!!! Especially with the mountains being in an arc, boneyard and the turtle bay :) I totally understand needing enough lush happy areas for our characters to eat and I think that outline leaves a lot of area in the middle for thriving forest life
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I would L O V E a coastline because I think it would make a lot of sense with the geography of BC, but obviously if we can't do that I'm okay with that too. Mountains need to be on one side of the map so that it does not divide the map like RoW. But for the most part, I like the idea of keeping it consistent with the current map. Tundra, mountains, forests, hills... kind of going based of what Becca has suggested.
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Well, it could be like a sort of along the coastline perhaps? IDK like, viewing the map in a rectangle shape, the top sliver are mountains and all the subterritories within it-caves, lakes, labyrinths and all along the bottom is the ocean where your subs can be coves, certain colored beaches, pebble shores, etc...

Working up from the coast in the south you go into meadows, rivers, and into rolling hills and then thicker forests and even more dense, to a tundra area where then you'd reach the mountains.

I just want a beach xD
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Personally my only real idea (I'll edit this later to add a stock pixture) is a swamp/Marsh with a lot of dead trees in it. Not sure how common this is in BC, but in Ontario they're literally everywhere.
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Vami drew a thing. (Because she likes making maps)


A rough concept idea.
It goes along with what I said above however, the mountains are to the side and not all along the top. I figure if the mountains were north it would be okay, but then in the future we would be limited to only expanding east and west.

We have the mountains, I called 'The Arc', gorge, a bone yard, tundra, some red mnts. The ocean is below, some small islands, Turtle Bay, meadow, March and a cliff called "Lover's Leap".

Just ideas of course, but I had this in my head and figured I'd toss it this way.

These are all really great ideas, everyone! Vami, I really like the map mockup that you made and I'm on board with using that as the jumping off point. It leaves a lot of room in the middle to fill in with larger territories and subterritories.

Something to keep in mind as we think of these ideas is how it influences the type of flora/fauna that would be there as well. We need to make sure our wolves have enough food to eat, so not everything should be dark/spooky/barren. :) Not that anybody was proposing that, but just want to raise it as something to think about.

The original RoW map had 18 territories (N/S Eden, The Heart, and Serpent's Pass), so I would like to keep our total number to 18 or less, with the idea of "expanding" the map by the discovery of more subterritories within those larger areas.
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