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guess who's back — Silent Moon Plateau 
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Mathuin Whitebark
@Astrid <3

His tail swished with ease behind his burly form. He had grown out of an uneven frame into one of power. Granted, the power was rarely used. The way Mathuin had grown was not the point though. Heck, even he wasn't thinking about that. This place was amazing. Like, mind-blowing amazing. It had everything anyone could want and yet...no one was here. Well, save for him and a certain golden gal.

Where was she anyway? Certainly close by, right?

He made his way across the frozen creek and padded out into a more open area. Somewhere that he could be spotted easier. "Astrid! Aaaaastrid!" There was no panic in his voice this time. Purely because the place looked safe. Maybe not Astrid-proofed but...well, certainly too much damage couldn't be done here. "Aaaaastriiiiiid." He called out once more, a bit softer this time but the eagerness in his voice remained.

If he kept hollering like this, there was a unlikely pretty good chance he would cause an avalanche.

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Astrid Vangr
It was absolutely breathtaking up here, at times literally. The golden girl dashed through the snow with such exuberance that her tongue lolled out the side of her mouth, puffs of steam trailing after her like a train. Astrid bounced along the rocky paths up the mountainside, stopping at overlooks and taking roundabout routes as she peered over every awe-inspiring vista she could. The forests far, far below were glazed in twinkling white, and despite the cold all around her, her heart felt warm and full.

Astrid's ears pricked upwards at a voice booming through the forest. The girl was easily sidetracked, but seldom wandered far enough from her close friend to not hear his voice. "I'm here!" She called back quickly, turning away from the view and dashing towards his voice. The deep furrow his body made in the snow was easy to find and easy to follow, leading her across a stream and into an open field. Mathuin stood out like a sore thumb, dark against a plain of white, and Astrid flew to his side like a comet.

"Mat!" She cried as she made a flying leap, long, lanky limbs outstretched to throw herself over the large male. 
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Astrid + Mathuin
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Played by Becca who has 97 posts.
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Mathuin Whitebark

It still seemed to take him by surprise every time she came crashing through an area to his side. He only had enough time to catch a glimpse of shiny golden fur before she was on top of him, flailing limbs and all. He was more than happy to supply cushion to her crash as his large form tumbled to the earth. If she was not quick enough he would aim to wrap his front legs around her neck and hold her near for a few moments.

"Knew you were nearby." He announced with a bit of a goofy grin on his masked face. Only then would he release her from his forelimbs. Granted he wasn't shoving her away just yet. Maybe once the cold snow and earth tried to seep through his thick pelt he'd consider nosing her off elsewhere. "Did you find anything good?"

Maybe she had seen different things then he had. Surely there was more of this place to explore than whatever he had spotted.

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Astrid & Mathuin
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