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Familiarity — Pookastone Scowle 
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Pookastone Scowle II. Leader
Celandine Argyris
This will be Celandine's fade unless someone asks her a question or needs a response!

She marked them a part of Pookastone as she rubbed the fragrant perfume of pine and salt along their sides, and both of the boys seemed to accept it with ease. A smile passed over the woman's features as she offered her name in the same style they had. "Celandine." She had certainly come a long way from the pompous, 'Celandine Argyris, princess and heir to Silent Moon Plateau.' 

With a nod towards the heart of their lands, Celandine spoke, "Come. We better get you fed before Macha finds out you're here." The trio certainly had a lot of catching up to do, and that would likely be a more pleasant experience with a full stomach. From there she would lead them to the nearest cache, and let them begin to settle in.

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