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Chantico :: Female :: 2 :: Loner :: Chaotic Good

Named after the Aztec Goddess of fire, she certainly lives up to her name, in both appearence and demeanour.

fiery :: strong willed :: friendly :: guarded :: protective :: moral :: devoted :: stubborn :: self-reliant :: follows own view of good :: independent :: deeply caring (once friends) :: stand against injustice :: wants equality/fair world :: persists :: hard worker :: endures :: fight not flight :: hides fears/feelings/pain :: brave :: doesn’t open up :: afraid to love/be loved :: has prejudice of men that they think women are weaker :: doesn’t show vulnerability :: will speak up :: doesn’t trust easily :: not afraid to be different :: doesn’t (like to) accept help :: thinks leaders can’t always fulfil what they set out do do, I.e. not enough recourses, drive, or power corrupts


Being guarded against any form of love, Chantico closes her heart against anyone that tries to enter, afraid of being broken or breaking them in turn, a form of insecurity in her she hides. Although friendly to wolves she meets, this is usually so they don’t become concerned or want to help her, preferring to keep wolves as aquantiences to pass a smile to. Anyone she feels threatening and going past the ‘mere aquantience’ she will attempt to push away before she becomes too attached. Anyhow, in her prior life she did not even have much opportunity to make friends. Due to this trait, she has had no close friends, no real friends even, before coming to relic lore, for like most loners she moved too much to be forced to see a particular wolf more than once or twice. However, if somehow this wall can be broken, she would defend them to her last breath, physically of verbally, and would care very deeply for them, and maybe this is what made her so afraid after loosing her mother. In time, she may learn that feeling is always better, even if it’s pain, for otherwise you can’t feel love, however she may need someone to teach her ;) (hinty hint, possible plot)
Friends can come in many forms, either gender, and can be of different ages. E.g, wolves that may seem a little like a younger/older sibling, a twin, cousin, an aunt/uncle, a parent, child, mentor, grandparent, just a general friend, etc...

Love (romantic) -closed

Much like what was said for friendship, she would be even more so guarded, especially if she found she liked this particular wolf. In order for her to engage in a romantic relationship, Chan would first have to be close friends and trust them greatly.
In regards to sexual preference, Chantico doesn’t seem to have one, if this makes sense. Others may call her questioning, or pansexual, however she is not really either of these, merely drifting through. The only family she has known being her parents, who were taken away at a young age, Chan has no preference to the ‘typical’ family, nor to an untraditional one as well, instead seeing where things take her, although hasn’t though much about it due to trying not to love. As Chantico never really saw the large proportion of straight couples, instead only seeing one example, she is only recently understanding that this is the ‘generic’ couple. She would heartily support anyone who felt they had been injustly treated due to sexuality, or just against injustice as a whole.

Family -closed (for now)

As it is unlikely that Chan will be having any pups due to her choice of parter, they might be looking to adopt in the far future, however this is questionable, and how responsible parents they might be I don’t know? However, it is very very prematurely to be thinking of this, but might as well write it down in case of future :p

To be finished...

To be finished...

I will add some specific plots when I can, although most of them will probably come from ideas/discussing :)
So if you would like your character(s) to meet mine, whether you have a specific ‘role’ or a plot in mind or not, feel free to post below :p