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Library/Rule Change Suggestions
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Firstly, Welcome Back!

Secondly, please bear with us as we speed off some cobwebs and get everything running smoothly again.

Alright, so since this is the grand re-opening of RoW we want to take this chance to look through our library and rules and see what no longer applies/could use some changes. The staff team would like all of you to have an input as well so feel free to use this thread as a place to compile your suggestions on anything you find that you think could use a bit of a re-vamp. Was there anything from OG RoW that you didn't love or seemed confusing or redundant? A rule that seemed out of place or too restricting? This is the time to speak up and open a discussion, however please note that all final changes will be at the discretion of staff.

Current Suggestions:
  • A modification of the fight system to avoid one hit KOs
  • Rolled dice system that members have access to, no staff involvement
  • Library article with some more advance coding examples for tables and character skin customization
  • Modifications to the timeline to allow ordering of same-date threads
  • Streamline LP
  • Look at breeding season
  • Yearbook noms year round
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A modification of the fight system so 1 hit KOs don't happen ^^
[Image: j59VTN.png]
On one of my other rps they have a fight system that doesn't require staff to do anything. Basically it's a dice roll set up. Players select to roll dice before submitting a reply. This prompts them to enter their character's stats. Soon as post is up it'll tell you if your attack/dodge was successful or not. The simplicity keeps things moving faster and players keep track of how close to knockout their characters are in the OCC section. Example: 3/4 health remaining.

I'm not sure we could apply similar here, but wanted to offer this up.
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So I was doing some profile stuff earlier and I know there's a page with some basic coding, but it might be fun to have a place where people can share coding for more advanced/fancy profile coding so people can get ideas or get coding to modify if they don't have the time or inclination to learn or make coding on their own. For example maybe a basic table with space for people to add their own pics, or organization tables for family charts/events/whatever?
This isn't really a library or rule change suggestion, but I've been fiddling with the timeline section on the profile and I think it could do with a bit of an update? I've got two threads that occurred on the same IC day and there doesn't seem to be a way to make sure one thread is before the other as whenever I refresh the page it automatically returns them to the order it had them originally. Could maybe make it so we can directly change the order of the threads instead of just changing the date? Idk how difficult that would be tho, nbd if that'd be too hard to implement.
I don't think this really counts for either thing, but if we could streamline LP somehow to make things easier on staff moving foreword, I think we could avoid a problem before it becomes one. I was just reading through the initial "RoW is moving" thread, and remembered how much LP there was/how draining it probably was for you guys to log on and have so much to do that actually rping had to have been a chore. I'm not sure what the options would be for this. I suggested maybe not claiming LP for as many things as we do now, but then again it feels like... idk I guess it's like a reward for being active, and it is definitely helpful for fights and whatnot, but again the advantage there was sometimes a little out of hand. I definitely agree with the whole fight system thing though, which would give you guys less to do, which really is the goal with this post.
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Not something that needs doing/changing soon but could we have a look into the breeding system here? Having all the pups come in at once in a sudden rush was a lot of chaos and resulted in a lot of pups not getting equal attention. Maybe it could be changed to a once a year thing per character, like the month they were born in they come in heat. Something to just made puppies a gradual thing.
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1. in case of litters with multiple dads, require that a bio dad be chosen for each pup before adoption regardless of if it's known ic
2. possibly a bonus or benefit to trying for pups with a bonded pair vs one night stands? realistically multiple bangs will give better conception rates, and logistically i think it would help encourage development and assist in addressing the pup flood issue (and would be given to same sex couples too bc even if they don't repeatedly sex the surrogate/donor it's still a concerted effort to procreate and raise babies vs single parent on the run etc)
3. i know before there was some confusion on what to do if the almost-to-term mom goes inactive but the dad and pups still wanna be played etc. having a very clear set of rules on what to do in these situations would be helpful.
4. possible penalties for inactivity during pregnancy/early development? or just bonuses for having a healthy pregnancy/pre-adoption pup period? again to encourage actual activity and development around breeding instead of just churning out pups, ex. to help with the above, a pregnant character that is inactive for an extended period might miscarry by default, or if close to term have premature/abandoned litter that impacts the health of the pups.
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yearbook nominations should be a year-long opportunity, so much happens each year it'll make it easier to actually pick top favorites and remember good times instead of only having what's fresh in mind
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Not really a new suggestion but more a personal opinion on already suggested and implemented changes—
I like lone wolves only being able to have one puppy and it being random, a lottery, and subordinates being able to have one to three. But I have as feel if leaders being able to have five puppies is a lot and should also be capped to a maximum of three. Which I know isn’t necessarily ‘realistic’—wolves can have litter sizes ranging from four to eight, a number quickly taken from Wikipedia—but I feel that it is sustainable and manageable, and ultimately, beneficial to the site in the long term due to not causing a large, sudden influx of puppies. Which has happened in the past on the site.
I also second Alice’s idea of breeding season not being something that happens across the site at once for eligible wolves.
I like the idea of it being a character’s birth month when they come into heat, once per year past sexual maturity. Although it wouldn't necessarily have to be that? Maybe your character can just apply for puppies once a year, successfully.

Maybe an in character heat doesn't to be played out at all, if the player chooses? This is entirely personal and me spit-balling, but I know the entire idea and concept of a character going into heat is a big reason why I feel like i could never comfortably play or write a female character.
But anyway, my main point is—anything and everything to not make puppies this great big, overwhelming explosion, please and thank you :p