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one thing right — Lost Lake 
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Sanguine Cove I. Leader
Aleister Vuesain
03.16.2021 | Overcast Clouds | 21.2°F, -6°C | official claiming for Sanguine Cove -- No posting order

After a long walk around the new territory Chan had pointed out to him, it was finally clear to the Vuesain that it was time. Everything was finally falling into place even despite the absence of his beloved sister. Aleister wished she was here with him, but instead he was surrounded by wolves that truly wanted to be at his side. With two new members within their ragtag group, Al, at last, felt ready to make everything official.

Looking around with his mismatched gaze, the dark agouti male couldn't help but let an exuberant smile lift his ebony lips at the sight around him. There was a towering stone structure looming at the top of the rock-riddled hillside, blocking out some of the brutal wind from the range. A rolling hillside that led to the sister cove, hidden by dense forest cover. The peaceful cove reminded him of his birthplace, but this was someplace anew for them. This was a place for them to restart and arise once again. A place that was all their own.

As he settled upon the cove's shoreline with the Mountain of Dire overlooking them, he raised his whitewashed muzzle into the air calling for his companions. His call was urgent but cheerful. Their time has come to claim the land as their own and he wanted them all at his side.

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Sanguine Cove VII. Subordinate
Aquene Slayer

But I put it out of my mind Long enough to call it courage To live without a lifeline

Aquene had spent the past few days exploring her new home and gathering supplies. She had started to dig out an herbal storage area in the form of an old and abandoned fox den that she had dug out to further illuminate. The herbs would be safer from the elements there. It was no easy task, but with spring starting to settle over the land, she had been making honest work of it. She took her job quite seriously and wanted to be prepared for anything that had flown her way. She had been storing some wintergreen that she had scavenged near the lake when she heard his call, her ears perking up as a grin split her features.

The dark woman made her way out of her hidey hole, quickly moving towards the source of the call. Her eyes glanced along the rolling hillside as she travelled, breathing in some of the fresh air that lingered over the land. She arrived, dipping her head in greeting with a warm smile. It appeared she was the first to arrive. Admittedly, she had not had much time to get to know her future packmates, though she supposed now was as good of a time as ever to start.

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Sanguine Cove V. Subordinate
Nash Eastfall

Nash was enjoying the calm weather. He was ready for it to warm up again - spring was always his favorite season - but for now he was just glad it wasn't snowing any more. Winter had its own charms and was beautiful, but with less to hunt and more effort required for chases, winter would always hold a touch of distaste for the Eastfall boy.

He was just settling down to take a nap when Aleister's summons shattered the calm air. Nash's ears perked up and he immediately stood and began loping towards the source of the call. There was a clear note of excitement to it, which in turn added a bounce to Nash's step. Was it finally time?

As Nash rounded the last rocky outcrop to join his leader, he was surprised to see another wolf he didn't recognize already present. Nash fondly bumped his shoulder against Aleister much in the same way he would greet Chan and padded over to introduce himself to the newcomer. "Hi," he said with a grin. "I'm Nash."
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Sanguine Cove IV. Second
Moonshadow Eastfall
I think I need help, cuz I'm drowning in myself

Sorry about the late reply! I meant to get it done earlier!

The large ebony woman sat besides a pile of fallen boulders. To an outsider it was nothing special but to the inky woman it was almost everything. This is where the love of her life's final resting place was. Moonshadow found herself visiting her fallen hero more often since the familiar burning of her pelt had began. This wasnt the first season without her love but it was the most difficult since she was home. In the last few weeks her family had decided upon a new name for their home and had decided to move from the original territory of the cove. The older woman believed this was a good idea, to ensure a rebirth while still remaining close and honoring those whom were not with them anymore. However, it was bittersweet for her because she didnt fully want to leave what had truly been her only home.

Mercury orbs rested behind midnight lids as the large she wolf rested peacefully next to her husbands grave. Silver dusted audits swiveled in response to the call that rung out across the lake. It was Aleister calling them to finally lay claim to their new home. A sad smile crossed her ebony maw as she lifted her head and looked out across the lake towards the sister cove that would be their new home. After a moment her silver eyes swept slowly over their old den site, the well worn path to the shore, the tree where she had spent her first night, and finally stopped on the pile of boulders next to her. "Well my love, its time to give new life to the cove." Moonshadow spoke to his grave as she stood slowly. Moon gave her long limbs a good stretch before she gave a headbutt to the boulder. This was her way of getting close to her love. Giving one more quick look at what had been Fallen Tree Cove, Moonshadow moved to go meet her family and officially reestablish their home.

Large paws moved easily over the rocky terrain and through the thick brush that would be in the heart of Sanguine Cove. It wasnt long before her eyes set themselves upon two familiar forms and one unfamiliar one. Her youngest son Nash was near the young dark female just a ways away from Aleister. With a warm smile upon her maw Moon arrived and greeted Aleister with a nose bump to his shoulder before giving his chin a lick. Moon may be the oldest of the band but she was not going to be leading this time. This was the time for the next generation to take charge and the lead female role was reserved for Neha if she returned or for Aleister's mate if he decided to have one. She would always be there to offer her support and advise if needed. With her new leader being greeted properly Moon moved to give Nash an affectionate nibble behind his ear. Silver orbs fell upon caramel ones as her warm smile widened. Moonshadow had smelled the young girls scent around the territory but hadn't had the opportunity to formally meet her. By her attendance she must be joining them in making the cove anew. "Hello dear" Moon greeted with a wave of her dark banner. She didnt want to overwhelm the girl with questions so she kept it simple. There would be plenty of time to get acquainted with her later on. With greetings done Moonshadow sat next to Nash and scanned the nearby trees in search for her eldest son. She was sure he wouldn't be too far behind.

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Sanguine Cove III. Second
Chan Eastfall
Chan had been diligently working on the chosen den site, making it as cozy and welcoming as it could be for the coming pack, as well as making sure the structure remained reinforced and sound. He'd be lying if he said that towering formation didn't scare him every time he set his eyes upon it, given the very death he was running from, but at the least if it did fall, the hollow and it's residents would not be in it's path. Right?

He'd been scouting out prey trails when Aleister's call had sounded, but hadn't been too far into the effort to keep him from the others for long. Chan trotted down the rocky slopes, weaving between the hardy conifers as he headed toward the gathering at the mouth of their new home. Among the familiar faces was a young girl who's scent he'd come across many a times, but had unfortunately yet been able to run into.

Chan went first to his mother, greeting her with a brief but affectionate hug of his neck around her shoulders, before moving on to bump his brother on the shoulder. He would've acknowledged them vocally as well, but Nash had been speaking and he was sure Aleister was waiting to do so as well. So instead, he turned his mismatched gaze to the older wolf and waited.
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Sanguine Cove VI. Subordinate
Lila Aquila
So it was time. She hadn't exactly been dreading it, but after speaking with Chan she just didn't quite feel right being here either. But it wasn't like she had gotten the chance to let anyone know. She'd spent some time away, and everyone else seemed to be doing their own thing. When it came down to it she had told herself she wouldn't make any hasty decisions. Just because Chan wasn't gonna stick around didn't mean she couldn't be happy here. So when Aleister called them all to order to make this official she felt like showing up was the right thing no matter how awkward she felt. She owed them that. Afterward, she was still gonna have to figure out what was best for her. What she really wanted.

The place that had been chosen for Sanquine Cove was quite picturesque with the mountains that bordered it. She took a moment to take in the rocky hillside and this part of the lake. It was similar and yet apart from the other cove. Since unknowing there was another new member that hadn't showed she thought she was last to show. Great. But, she put on a smile, let out a happy woof, with a wagging tail trotted closer to the group. She was not going to ruin the moment for anyone. It looked like they had a new recruit to take part and for whatever reason it made her feel better.
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Sanguine Cove VIII. Subordinate
Mavis Kip Kipley
This wasn’t new to Kip, but it was the first time in a long, long time that she was coming to join a pack. And a newly-formed one at that. She hadn’t wanted to be part of anything like this for the last three years - since all of the stuff with Odin and Lennae and their child. And really, she was probably setting herself up for disaster here - Aleister had smelled of heat when she’d met him that night on the mountaintop, so there was probably at least one wolf here that might have his children. But that was before Mavis came back, she justified. Maybe things would change. Maybe...

She shook her head and continued on toward the group of wolves. There were so many here that she didn’t know, and she couldn’t help but hang back a bit, unsure. She didn’t think she’d seen this many wolves together in the entirety of the three years she’d been gone, and she didn’t feel very comfortable with the idea just yet.

But Aleister looked happy, and if he trusted these wolves, maybe she could too.

The small woman offered her stargazing partner a small smile as she stopped off to the side, visibly hesitant to approach the others any further. It was a little too busy for her right now.
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Sanguine Cove I. Leader
Aleister Vuesain
Second and final round! No posting order and please you do not have to match this post length! I got a little carried away... 

As he stood currently alone with the brisk breeze ruffling his coat, his mismatched gaze flitted over the scenery around him giving new appreciation for Mother Nature's work. This new cove was similar to his homeland, but it still gave him a sense of rebirth and renewal as they sought to make a place of their own instead of living with the ghosts of the past. Instead, they were going to make their own path while still honoring the memory of those before them. And he was so thankful for those that decided to join him in the feat.

The first one to join him was the dark woman he shared a reckless night of passion with. Neither of them knew if there would be any consequences yet, but he was still happy to have her here with him either way. A warm smile was returned as his mismatched gaze glanced at her caramel eyes, but before he could say anything in private with her, Nash was quick to appear. Leaning into his shoulder bump, his gaze fell upon the ebony man as he greeted Aquene. He was curious about how she was going to mesh with the rest of the group, though to be honest, he was not very worried. Next to arrive was Moonshadow with a warm smile upon her ebony lips as she approached him with a bump to his shoulder and a lick beneath his chin. Instinctively, his banner rose slightly above his back as she greeted him with respect of a leader, a smile lifting his lips as she moved to her son.

Chan and Lila were next to head his call, a nod, and smile given to both of them as they settled in to wait for his announcement. His mismatched gaze was pulled away as his small, pale cloaked friend arrived, though keeping a little distance between herself and the rest of the group. Aleister understood she may still feel uncomfortable with returning to pack life after so long alone. That was one reason he hadn't pressured Flair to join them as he understood the fear of losing one's freedom. Mavis decided she wanted to stay with him, but he understood if it was still going to take her a while to get used to everyone else.

Taking a moment of silence as his mismatched gold and blue gaze moved over the group, a soft smile was evident on his face as he realized the time was finally here. Only one solemn thought was on his mind. His littermate didn't give him the chance to show her this, but Al could no longer let that hold him back. "No matter our pasts, our failures or fears, we will rise every time." Pausing for a moment, he let his gaze roll over the group again before continuing his speech. "This time, we will rise as one and the world will know us as Sanguine Cove." Lifting his head to the sky, he released a claiming song over the lands around them. The Lake was now theirs once again.

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Sanguine Cove IV. Second
Moonshadow Eastfall
I think I need help, cuz I'm drowning in myself


The rise of Aleister's banner did not go unnoticed by the dark woman. Pride made her heart swell at the sight. Aleister had grown into a fine young man and she knew that both Namid and Vespertio would be immensely proud. Having greeted her youngest son and the dark newcomer Moonshadow settled next to her child. Mercury orbs scanned the tree line and was happy to see the familiar agouti frame of her eldest boy. Her silver dusted banner thumped against the ground as he greeted her first with a wolfish hug. She returned his greeting with a brief nudge to his cheek. Next to arrive was another dark form with a stark white marking. Lila let out a woof to announce her arrival and Moon gave her a wide warm smile. The older woman was happy to see that she had decided to stay. The eldest cove wolf scanned the trees once more waiting to see the fiery woman appear but instead found a pale form making their way towards the group. As the small female approached Moons ears pressed forwards as her nostrils flared trying to take in the woman's scent. She knew the girl from somewhere but couldnt think of where at that moment. That would be a question the Eastfall woman would have to answer later on. There was more important things at hand at the moment. She noticed the pale stranger stood away from the group but that didnt stop her from giving them a warm smile. If she was here then they were going to be apart of the same pack and family, may as well start building the relationship now.

Her pale gaze came to rest on the dark agouti man that stood before them. She gave him a warm encouraging smile hoping to clam his nerves a bit. After a few moments the second born Vuesain began to speak. "No matter our pasts, our failures or fears, we will rise every time."  Moons head lifted in pride at his words. They would always come out of the dark and into the light, and this time they would do it together. Aleister lifted his head to the sky and began the song. The song of them once again laying claim to the lost lake, of them rising as one above all the hardships they had experienced, and of them beginning anew. With a wide smile Moonshadow lifted her large onyx muzzle to add her own voice to the air. This was not just for them but for Tagg and Staryn and Namid and everyone else whom the cove was home for. This was for all they had been through, it was time to begin again.

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