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Happy Easter!
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Happy Easter!

Oh my goodness! It would seem the Easter bunny has hopped on through RoW and left a bunch of hidden eggs for everyone to find! And boy, does he know how to hide an egg. ;)

There are a total of 11 eggs hidden anywhere on the site! Make sure when you find an egg to hover over it and write down the letter. Collect and unscramble all 11 letters to find the secret phrase. Once you have the phrase, PM SOW to see if you were right!

Everyone who can find all 11 eggs and unscramble the letters to the correct phrase will receive a special random event for one of their characters ! There are only a few simple rules: don't ruin the surprise for others and post information on the site, and have fun! The Eggs are not hidden in any IC posts, but anywhere else is fair game!

Hi Everyone!

I realized as I was taking the eggs down I actually... somehow didn't put in the 4th egg like I told myself I did. Don't hide eggs at 7:00am I suppose! These were the egg locations:

1. P Game Stats
2. L Spectral Woods Description
3. A Basic Appearance section of the UCP
4. S Hunting Article I apparently failed to hide this
5. T FAQ - more than one character
6. I Art Archive Description
7. C Welcome Back area of sidebar

8. E Table Code  
9. G Gossip Wall  
10. G Subterritory Creation  
11. S Life Points pop-up

Given that I messed up anyone who found at least 10 eggs can request a special Random Event. I know at least Arya and Tasha found eggs so... here you guys go!

Arya One of your characters sees a shooting star! But oh wait, it's actually getting closer? It lands somewhere in Relic Lore and you might be the only wolf to see it. Are you going to go find it? (You can decide where it lands)
Tasha One of your characters was antagonizing a snapping turtle and their foot got crunched! They are in serious need of medical attention otherwise they might lose use of the foot.