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Staff Applications & Cub Adoptions
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Staff Applications

Unfortunately this announcement starts off on a bit of a sad note, Marina has decided to take a step back from roleplaying and as such will also be removing themselves from the staff team. That being said, this means we have an open spot on our team, and we are looking to add one or two more active members to be part of our little crew! If you are interested please pm SoW with your application detailing the following:
  • Your OOC Name
  • How long you've been part of RoW (total, not just the re-open)
  • Do you have any staff experience on rp sites?
  • Do you have any coding experience?
  • Do you have any art experience?
  • Any ideas you have for RoW/why you would like to join our team!

Please send your applications in by April 25th if you are interested!

Cub Adoptions

Low and behold there seems to be some extra little critters who have crawled into grab a plot!? click here to check out the little cuties! Make sure to look over what the parents are asking for closely before sending in your adoption applications.