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All that is gold does not glitter — Red Fern Forest 
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Fools Gold Chasm Pup
Enera Rayvne
@Rhaegara @Hudson @Saga @Adelard @Maugrim @Riven @Aubine it's time!

Her whole world had been dark and soothing and smelled of Mama. She loved it, the coziness of the den, the warmth of Mama's fur, the muted sounds of life beyond the walls around her. She was safe. But those sounds began to call to her, and Enera was growing ever more curious. She wanted to see what lay beyond the shelter of her birthplace. She wanted to see who Mama knew, who those other smells belonged to. Her paws itched.

Slowly, hesitantly, yet quivering with excitement, Enera crawled toward the light that she knew was the opening of the den. Her nose twitched; she could smell things, and she wanted to know what all of them were. She wanted to know everything. She peeked out of the den, squinting against the bright light. It was harsh against eyes so used to darkness and soft, cool colors, but as her eyes adjusted they widened in wonder. Enera didn't know the Outside was so big. Gazing around her in awe, the pup stepped fully from the den, trying to take all of it in at once. It was amazing, so wonderful, she would never go back inside, this world was ripe for exploring, so could do anything-

Something caught her paw and she yelped, jumping sideways and away from the small rock she'd stepped on. In her haste she tripped over her feet and went tumbling to the ground in an undignified tangle of limbs.
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Fools Gold Chasm V. Subordinate
Rhaegara Rayvne

Her entire world had changed. She had never expected it to be this way but her little girl entered the world and her entire world shifted. The only thing that mattered right now was her family. She had been recovering and simply watching and adoring how her bundle of joy started to move about the world. She had been asleep when her daughter started to wander, but the maternal instinct that had settled in deep and only grown deeper after the birth started to kick in and her eyes slowly started to drag open. She watched with interest, letting her explore. She was safe.

Still, she slowly dragged herself onto her paws once she reached the edge of the den, keeping a distance back with a soft smile on her face. She really was the light of her world. She had been worried about doing this alone, not that she was really alone because everyone in the Chasm was her family… but without the father in the picture she had been worried. She felt much less worried now. She simply watched over her, her heart leaping out of her chest when she saw her paws catch and she fell on the ground. She moved forward, gently nudging her with her nose. “Are you okay, my darling little girl?” She asked softly as she moved to help her stand up.

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Fools Gold Chasm VI. Subordinate
The healer had been dividing his time between the two mothers and their pups, but he'd especially been focused on Rhaegara and her child. Saga had Hudson there to care for her, so Riven had gone where he was needed. It wasn't much, really - just bringing nesting materials and herbs that stimulated milk production and energy, as well as chunks of meat from their caches, - but he certainly didn't mind doing it. A mother raising a child alone was absolutely unheard of where he was from, and he definitely wasn't going to let it happen here. None of them were.

Rhaegara's den was where he was heading now, a small rabbit held in his jaws. The boy paused, however, at the sight of the woman outside, a tiny bundle of pale fur at her paws. And of course, he'd seen the child before - he was there for the birth, after all, - but never in the sunshine and certainly not with her eyes wide open.

Riven placed the rabbit on the ground and took a few tentative steps forward, crouching down to watch the mother and pup interact. He couldn't keep the excited expression off his face, however, and his tail swept across the forest floor behind him. Still, he didn't dare to approach further, unwilling to make either of them uncomfortable - the last thing he wanted was for a protective mom to think he was something to defend her pup from.

"She's beautiful, Rhaegara," he voiced, glancing from mother to child from his crouched position. He wouldn't come nearer unless he was given expressed permission to do so. "Is she alright?"
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Fools Gold Chasm Pup
Enera Rayvne
Enera flailed, trying to get back on her feet. Mama was quick to get to her side and nudge her, murmuring a gentle question. Enera squeaked indignantly as she flipped herself over and scrambled to her paws, looking wildly around.

A new voice drew her attention. It was another Big One, like Mama. Enera startled, then looked at him closer. He was different from Mama, but his smell was one of the ones on her fur. She glanced up at Mama, almost as though asking permission, then tottled toward the new Big One. She was a little more careful about her paw placement this time.

She looked up at him, eyes wide. She slowly stretched one paw out towards his. It was so much bigger! Enera glanced up at him again, then gave a sharp bark as she swatted his paw with her own and scuttled away, tiny tail waving as she once again rolled onto the ground. She yiped up at him again, smiling widely.