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Results for May Posting Contest
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Well, our posting contest has come to a close and we had made a total of 553 posts from 29 active members. Way to go everybody!

As for our top 5's they are as follows, including their post counts and their special REs!
  • Van 87 Posts ____ you saw a shooting star land somewhere nearby, and when you get close enough you find an oddly glowing rock
  • Cade 75 Posts _____ you come across some strange markings in a tree, you feel like you've seen this mark in a dream but can't remember where now....
  • Tasha 55 Posts ____ a turkey vulture lands close to you and leaves you the gift of a freshly caught salmon, but after taking a bite you suddenly feel like you're seeing through the vulture's eyes and not your own. You blink and your vision returns to normal.
  • Molo 44 Posts _____ you must have been sleep walking because you've just startled awake and don't recognize your surroundings!
  • Ghost 38 Posts _____ for the last week you've had the same reoccuring dream every time you go to sleep, but as soon as you wake the only thing you can remember is the image of a pair of glowing blue eyes. They seem so familiar...what could this mean?

Special REs must be started no later than June 15th to count as RE lp claims, you can use whichever of your characters you would like!
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whoop whoop awesome work everyone, congratulations winners!!
[Image: RRtfiYG.png]
There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.
Congratulations guys! These REs are super cool!