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chokin' on the circumstance — Sanguine Cove 
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Sanguine Cove Pup
Kateri Vuesain-Slayer

It was another new day, which meant another escape from the den.

Kateri shuffled her way out of the den she shared with her mother, her soft, denim blue gaze flitting around the clearing for potential lurkers. There always seemed to be someone watching, much to Kat’s dismay, and prevented her from venturing too far. It was very rude, but whatever. Kateri would figure out an escape route eventually… her parents, and the pack, couldn’t keep her confined for long. (Much to her parents’ future dismay.)

It was cooler out today, and the sky was dotted with strange, white puffy things, obstructing the sea of blue. There was a soft breeze pushing through the clearing, bringing forth new scents that the Slayer child had not yet encountered. She paused, her over-sized paws scrambling to a stop, as her nose lifted to inhale the onslaught of new smells. There were some that seemed familiar, although Kat couldn’t put a name to them, but most of them were unfamiliar to the ebony girl. She would have to ask her mother later—or maybe one of the other adults, if they ended up crashing her adventure. And they probably would.

She gave her small body a quick shake before continuing forward. Kat wasn’t really sure what her plan was—she just wanted to see how far she could go before someone someone intervened. She tried to move as quickly as she could, but her large paws and uncoordinated legs made it difficult for her to cover distance at a desirable pace.

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Sanguine Cove Pup
Stella Vuesain-Kipley
Since having discovered everything which existed outside the den, Stella was quite determined to discover everything that existed outside the den. She was held back mostly by her as-of-yet tiny, roly-poly form, with its stubby limbs that really had no hope of outpacing the grownups of the pack in their efforts to thwart her and the other small, adventurous little souls. As of late, though, they were being granted more freedom little by little, and where they gained and inch they took a mile. Today found the girl awakening from a nap in the sun to find herself with an opportunity to do exactly that.

One of her favorite things, by far, was the sun - she closed her eyes and savored it for another moment, before she felt the warm and light fade and cool, the shadow of a cloud drifting overhead and momentarily dimming the brightness. She marveled at it for an instant before blinking away, sneezing once, and then bouncing to her feet.

A glance around had revealed the shadow-dark girl, her half-sibling - Stel knew her by scent more than anything - moving along hurriedly. The masked ivory-golden pup bounced toward her counterpart without hesitation, almost losing her balance as she stumbled and bounded along as best she could to catch up. She gave a happy yip, greeting her excitedly with a bow and a hop."Hi-ya!" she declared. "Wa-na... play?" she chirped, trying out another new word, another new favorite thing.
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