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Storytelling Contest & Return of PotM
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Happy September!

Now that we are moving into September we have a couple updates for everyone! First of all, we will be running a storytelling contest for the next sixe weeks, details below. Secondly, we have a return of PotM! Congratulations to the members of Dead Empress Backwater who had 15 posts in either threads prefixed pack, REs in pack lands with 3 or more members, or posts in the pack thread. We currently don't have a prize for otm, but are open to ideas if anyone has any! Also, September 1st will be the last round of summer REs, and September 15th will have our first round of fall, so if you have any ideas for fall REs please submit those sometime in the next two weeks.

September Contest

It's Back to School!

Both for some of our IRL RoWers and for the first time, also for our characters as well. For the next six weeks (September 1st-October 13th) we will be running a story-based contest. The idea of the contest is to develop and spread stories throughout Relic Lore, and the stories that are told will be collected and put in the library to become "common knowledge" for the wolves who reside in the area, even if they have not heard the story in threads. To see further details please look here: Lore of the Lore