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When Scat Hits The Fan
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Paradise Falls V. Subordinate
Flair Smoke-Athesila

A true guardian, Nash shared her enthusiasm, giving his own exclamation before heading off in their assigned direction. Flair gave a snort of laughter in support, offering Chan a final nod before quickly heading off after his brother.


When she caught up, she quickly brushed past his side, a light touch to say she had his back, and then she steered off a little, to walk parallel to the guardian with a few lengths in between them. This way they could cover more ground, but still be within easy sight of one another. The hunt would be silent, noses to the ground and ears perked for any sign of their prey. Wherever this beast had slunk off to, it couldn’t hide from them forever, and once they found it, the Cove would become a safe place for wolves again; One way or another!