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Avella Archer
Avella really was glad that Moore had made the decision to join her and Scully. Sure they needed wolves but she really felt that all the wolves they'd chosen could really add to the pack in their own different ways. Most importantly she hoped that they would all stick around for a long time. The masked woman remained realistic though. She knew that pack members came and went though she hoped the day would never come when the wolves she now cared about left.

Once Moore had gotten her thinking about her family and Willow Ridge she started thinking about the past. Would her pack become a refuge for the Archers that chose to wander through life or would none come. She wanted to be that fornher family, to provide a place to turn to when they needed it most.

There was time for that later because there was a hunt to be had. Avella smiled at more and nudged his cheek, [b)"Of course I don't mind if you tag along,"[/b] she assured, "I would also really appreciate the help with a hunt. It can get kind of tricky up here." She hoped they would find something big enough to bring home but if not she'd be happy with setting they could share and talk while they ate. "We can talk along the way if you like."

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