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change in the weather
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Just wanted to toss her in here really quick!

The elderly woman had been slumbering peacefully in her personal den for the first time in a long while. She had finally recovered both physically and mentally from her escapade down the mountain. Though the cold weather and her age had been causing her to sleep in more often than not now. So, when Aleister's voice trailed into her sleep it took her a minute to actually wake up and register what she had just heard. With a long yawn the inky woman peeled herself from her sleep and warmth of her den. Once outside she gave her stiff limbs a nice long stretch and tipped her head back to call out. "I'm proud to see ya return."  Moon was proud to see him reclaim the throne just as his parents had before him. She hoped though he would remain there without any tragedy befalling him or the pack. She would seek him out personally later on as to not overwhelm him, as she was sure others and gone to congratulate him directly. The inky mother decided to go check in on Aquene and Kateri, deciding to bring them something to eat.

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It didn't take long for several members of the pack to gather to congratulated the original leader of the pack for reprising his role. Nash noted Jet out of the corner of his eye, but before he could say anything the dark man turned and disappeared back into the trees. At least he'd come by, Nash supposed, and returned his attention to his friend. His ears pricked and a grin tugged at his maw when he heard Oksana's declaration of affection. It was good that Al had someone by his side through everything that had happened over the winter.

His mother's voice carried over the trees to offer her own congratulations, and Kajika mentioned Al's parents. Nash's tail swept behind him. There was so much history here, and so much new growth. "You're going to lead us into a bright future," he said, confident in their leader and the strength of the pack.

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Aleister Vuesain

His heart was full knowing he had everyone's support with the change of leadership between him and Chan. Aleister wasn't expecting there to be too much negativity around the change, as it had always been temporary, though it had lasted longer than he had first anticipated. However, Al knew change never always went over easy for everyone, especially to those that were not used to calling him Leader. Though, seeing the ones closest to him happy was enough for him to feel joyful at the change. Knowing there were no hard feelings, made the decision that much easier for the Vuesain.

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Oksana Baranski
Oksana was so proud of her husband for reclaiming his leadership. After what he'd been through and the struggles that he'd gone through. It was inspiring how he'd gone from a man that was so sad and believed that everyone would leave him eventually to the man he was. She knew that she'd helped but he'd done all the work, he'd been the one to confide in her and he had chosen to listen. Sje was proud to call him her husband and her leader. She was happy to stand by him as he stood before his peers that day taking in the congratulations. More importantly she was happy to see the smile on his face.

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Kajika Tallis
The Tallis man was happy for the Vuesain and he was sure that Vesper would be proud of his son. While he thought that Chan had been a good leader during his time and he was very proud of his godson. Kajika believed that the mountain pack should be led by a Vuesain. He hoped that in the future he could help Aleister build the pack up to have the success that it's predecessor had been.

Once the congratulations and celebration had come to an end it was time. The dark man gave his new leader a respectful dip of his head before leaving the shore of the lake. There was still plenty to do that day.

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Nash stood by and watched as many of the members of the pack gathered to congratulate their leader, even if some of them left early, and his heart swelled. The Cove was such a good place, and even though they all came from different backgrounds they all worked together - they were a family. Everyone came together when it was needed. Nash was proud to be the guardian of such an open, honest place.

He was even more proud that he would get to work with as wonderful a man as Al, even if the moment was bittersweet - only because he knew Chan would be able to leave whenever he was ready now. But he could think about that later. For now, he had things to do and a newly-rethroned leader to support.