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Paradise Falls I. Leader
Chan Eastfall
The girls appeared in awe at what Chan had told them, earning a good-natured chuckle from him. Kids could sure be cute, even on the verge of teenhood. The woman, on the other paw, was indeed familiar. He flashed a grin as she communicated goodwill for Kateri, halved tail swaying happily behind. Another song was sent into the air to beckon the mysterious Adelard, before she proposed they pass the time by entertaining the children. Chan himself did not mind, only glancing briefly at Jethro to ensure his companion was still comfortable before settling his haunches upon the ground.

"Not a problem, I'm sure he has plenty to tend to."

It wasn't as though they'd any warning of the Cove delegation's visit, either. This might not be a good time, and that would be okay - there would be other chances.

"It took us four whole days to get here," he spoke with emphasis to keep up the youths' interest, perfectly happy to entertain and inform, "we had to get through an avalanche. We get snow storms and ice storms, but there's also lots of places to hide. There's a whole lake up there."

Occasionally his mixed gaze would jump to Jethro, not at all opposed to the other man giving his own take on the mountain's weather.
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Jethrᴏ Kane
The more outgoing of the two kids was quick to ask more questions, which seemed to spur the quiet one as well, this time around. A display that was actually rather endearing, and the curiosity was, he assumed, only natural - even if he wasn’t quite sure what the best way of interacting with them was. There was something else about the cove’s missing child, which apparently this pack had known about, too. Rhaegara offered to call for Adelard again, but in the meantime asked if they did not mind entertaining the kids.

Jethro offered his packmate a little shrug. Chan didn’t seem to have any issues with that sort of thing, usually, and it wasn’t as if they had anything better to do. Predictably, of course, Chan went about doing exactly they were asked, weaving an emphatic tale for the kids. The occasional glance his way though, did not go unnoticed, and the dark one supposed there were a couple of things he could add.

”We also have a hot spring, where the water’s warm enough to swim in, even on really cold days. And when the weather’s clear, there are places you can stop to look, and the land just goes on as far as your eyes can see,” Jet spoke, mirroring his companion’s tone to hopefully add to the experience. He hoped these kids would get the chance to venture up there one day. Maybe this was just supposed to be an amusing story, but the views from up there truly did paint things in a different light.
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Enera Rayvne
had a dream so big and loud


Enera offered Marrah an encouraging glance at her question. Her sister-friend didn't often engage, but at least she was more social than their brother was most days. The paler girl wanted her friend to be comfortable with strangers too.

At her Mama's reminder to slow down her questions, Enera gave the men a sheepish look and sat down. It helped her reign herself in. It didn't stop her wiggle if excitement when they agreed to tell them about the mountain, and her eyes grew even wider as Chan explained that the trip took four whole days and they had to get through an avalanche. "What's an avalanche?" she asked, before remember not to interrupt. She glanced guiltily at her mama.

Then the darker man told them about hot springs, and Enera's excitement grew. She wished they had hot springs here too. She didn't like the cold and as fantastical as warm water sounded she wanted to believe it's truth.

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Marrah Macieo-Tainn

I’m Done Putting Out The Fires You Start

Marrah was distracted from all the discussion going on with the adults when she had noticed that Chan was missing part of his tail. Chewing on the inside of her cheek as she observed it’s blunt end she could not help but wonder how that happened. Maybe life up on the mountain was more dangerous than it was down here on the forest floor. It wasn’t until Rhae called for Adelard that she blinked out of her fixation. Realizing how rude that had been the dark tween quickly looked away.

The moment passed quickly when Marrah registered what it was the adults from the Cove were saying. Four days, avalanches (not that she knew what that was), snow and ice storms, a whole lake, the hot springs!? It almost all sounded made up, but she had no reason to believe that Chan and Jethro would be lying, especially with Rhaegera there. Enera’s mom always seemed pretty crafty, she would know if it wasn’t true wouldn’t she?

The awe and curiosity was clear in her golden eyes, but before she could ask another question Enera had one of her own. Looking at the men expectantly she waited for an answer. She had a million of her own, but knew it was polite to wait her turn until her sister-friend had her question answered first.

When The Cranberry Vodkas Hit A Little Too Hard

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Rhaegara Rayvne
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The two gentlemen meeting them were kind enough to explain everything to her curious daughter and her friend. She asked what an avalanche was and Rhae took the opportunity to explain herself. “It’s when snow falls, but not like our snowfall here, Little Dove. It falls from the ground above, like a mountain. It can be very dangerous to be caught up in.” It would certainly send any one of them to be with the Skywalkers.

“Girls, why don’t you both go find Adelard and inform him that we have guests.” She offered to distract the girls before her attention turned back to the adults. “Please, come this way. I’ll show you to the chasm we use as a den. You can meet with Adelard there.” She offered, motioning with her head as she aimed to guide the two men through the territory to it’s heart.