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Advertising Contest
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Advertising Contest!

With everything upcoming in the Lore, it's the perfect time to bring in new members who can join in on the fun! As such, Staff are hosting an official Advertising Contest that will run from today, January 20th, to February 28th - just in time for the start of Breeding Season!


There are 5 prizes up for grabs, meaning the top 5 advertisers will be able to choose (in order of ranking) one prize from the list below. In addition, anyone who earns 15+ points will receive an avatar set from Cade regardless of ranking.

The Prizes
  • Skin+ Graphics Set by Pinn - claimed by Tasha
  • Custom Individual RE from SoW x 2 - claimed by Sunshine & Pinn
  • Custom Pack RE from SoW - claimed by Cade
  • Be the star of our next BWP! - claimed by Arya


The following guidelines must be followed for each advert to count.

  • Always read the rules of the site you are about to advertise on before leaving our ad. Breaking another site's guidelines is not only disrespectful and a bad reflection on RoW as a whole, but will also result in a point being deducted from your total in addition to that ad not counting.
  • Do not post an ad if someone has already posted one recently. Most sites will specify a wait period between ads from the same site, if they do not please wait at least a week.
  • Advertising should be done on legitimate, active sites. Adverts placed on sites with no IC activity for over a month will not count.
  • You must post the link to the ad you posted so that staff may verify it. If we cannot verify the advert, we will be unable to count it. Some sites do move ads between 'unaccepted' and 'accepted' subs - we will check for this for you.
  • You must use the official advert provided below - custom or obsolete adverts won't count.
  • Make sure you do not delete staff notes on your ad list.
  • Have fun!

What BWP??

Staff have planned a new Board-wide Plot for the site! The details are top-secret, but the associated prize will decide which character gets to kick off the event when it happens!

The Ad


[align=justify]For over 10 years, wolves thrived in the remote wilderness that is the realm of Relic Lore before vanishing suddenly in the beginning of 2019. Humans reintroduced wolves to the land more than a year ago, and many previous residents have returned as well, causing the Lore to thrive once more.

Game development is 100% member driven. We offer a wealth of features for members including:

[*] Automated thread logs to keep track of your characters!
[*]Bi-weekly random event prompts for your characters
[*]Fun point system to follow your character’s growth
[*]A stat based fighting system that scale’s with your character
[*]Linking character profiles
[*]Fully customizable profiles
[*]Sandbox environment: 30 territories and over 100 member-created sub-territories featured on our interactive map!
[*]New board-wide plot announcing soon!

Currently there are three onsite packs but there is still room for more. Come join us at [b][url=http://relic-lore.net]www.relic-lore.net[/url][/b] and become a part of our community!

Current Standings

  1. Arya - 48 points
  2. Tasha - 18 points
  3. Cade - 3 points
  4. Sunshine - 3 points
  5. Pinn - 2 point

Standings last updated February 5th 6PM EST.
Tasha's Adverts List:
1) Inevitable
2) Kingdom Come
3) Let The Past Die
4) How We Survive
5) The Confluence
6) The Fourth Degree
7) Clawmoon
8) Fantasy Forgotten 0 no ic activity since nov '21
9) Dawn
10) Wild Equines
11) Moonwake 0 less than 1 week since previous row ad (cade's)
12) Warrior Cats A RPG
13) Turn A Blind Eye
14) Bad Omens 0 cannot find ad
15) Crimson and Clover
16) Narrowsgate
17) Skoll
18) Mad World
19) Caution to the Wind ✓✓
20) Dark Tranquility

Total: 18 points, last updated by Cade on 2/5
Cyrrith is travelling with Vesemera and as such she has a right to enter any of his threads regardless of whether or not they are marked private
1. Moon Wake
2. Deorum
3. Sonder

Total: 3 points, last updated by Cade on 1/25
[Image: WPkUb0v.png]
Pinn's Advertisement List:
1. Origin
2. Lochland Grove

Total: 2 points, last updated by Tasha on 1/27
[Image: Vanadis.png]
Sunshine's Advert List:
1. Duellum
2. Demon Slayer RP
3. Wilder Things

Total: 3 points, last updated by Tasha on 1/27
Arya's Adverts List: 
  1. Yavania
  2. Anikira
  3. Vestige
  4. The Devil's Town
  5. Seven Oaks Stables
  6. Midnight Sun
  7. Hogwarts AU
  8. The Fallen
  9. Moon Signs
  10. Ontir
  11. The Fall of Man
  12. Evergreen
  13. The Apostles
  14. Swamp Fever
  15. Azahara
  16. Shadowplayers
  17. Z-Mageddon
  18. Avatar: Four Nations 0 no ic activity since dec '21
  19. Shadows Over Pern
  20. Hounds of Eternity
  21. Stranger Things Do Happen
  22. Meraki Weyr
  23. Invictus
  24. Aphelion
  25. Energy
  26. Arcane
  27. A Dream of Spring
  28. Tonight
  29. The Killing Moon
  30. Elusion
  31. Fractured
  32. Follow Me Down
  33. The Draft
  34. Pretty Venom
  35. Undrunk
  36. Hexed
  37. Power of Belief
  38. From The Ashes
  39. Kill Your Darling
  40. Happier Than Ever
  41. Where You Lead
  42. Old Horizons
  43. Indigo Springs
  44. Scions of Terre D'ange
  45. Hocus Pocus
  46. Strange Ways
  47. Last Resort
  48. Enchanting Love
  49. Time After Time
  50. Golden Era 0 cannot find ad

Total: 48 points, last updated by Cade on 2/5
[Image: lMaXPz.png]
Congratulations to our winners, who are everyone who participated!! Woohoo! Since you totally kicked butt, what prize do you pick @Aleister?
[Image: i9vuqb6.png]
Be the star of our next BWP!
[Image: lMaXPz.png]
You got it!! Staff will be in contact to plan with you!

@Aquene its your turn to choose!
[Image: i9vuqb6.png]
Skin and graphics set from Pinn! <3
[Image: lMSpmq.png]