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It's March!
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Hi everyone, happy March! We have a few things to go over:

Breeding Season

Breeding season officially opened March 1st and if you are looking for more information on what that entails, please check out this announcement. If you are looking for where to register your couple, that can be found here! Breeding season will officially close for new registrations March 28th, and all threads need to be completed by March 29th, prior to the lottery draws.


Return of Willow Ridge!

Didn't it just feel like something was missing with the reboot? Willow Ridge has now returned! A big congratulations to Kai, Cade, becca, Daisy, and Molo for all their hard work getting another pack off the ground! I for one, can't wait to see how their plots unfold in that familiar territory. This puts us up to four packs, and the game can currently support five, who will be next!?
Congrats Willow Ridge! So good to see a familiar name on the pack list!!!

Anyone thinking we need an evil-aligned pack to stir things up a bit? >.>
Woo!! WR!My pride and joy. <333
And yes, I feel we do Fly!
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