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BWP & Accidental AC
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Accidental AC

While setting up our AC to manually run I accidentally ran it. This means anyone who had not posted in the last 3 days will have been removed. Please just post in the join the game saying you were accidentally removed, you don't need a full re-apply and staff will re-add you!

BWP: Thirst Trap

Are You Feeling A Little Thirsty?
This spring things feel a little....dryer than normal doesn't it? RoW has now entered a drought that affects all territories! Small springs have completely dried up, and even the lakes and larger rivers have run almost completely down into the mud. Currently, only the largest lakes still have water: Turtleback Lake, Secluded Springs, Secret Falls, Bramble Falls, Lost Lake, and Iridescent Lagoon. The wolves of the lore are going to have to think creatively to stop themselves from becoming dehydrated!

Water Drops

What was once SoW food drops have been converted into random water drops, interact with them in your threads to bump of your hydration meter (previously the health meter) and stay alive! You can also visit the locations listed to fill your health bar once you finish your thread. Be warned though, as the drought drags on, these drops might attract other characters who are growing more desperate to survive! Hydration will automatically be docked on a bi-weekly basis (with the AC). As the plot goes on, the drought may get better or worse, who is to say?

So go out! Have fun! Get thirsty and look for water! While the health bars will drop automatically and we encourage people to use them realistically, if you feel like your character does not deserve to be as dehydrated as their bar has become, feel free to increase it! This is supposed to pose a challenge (which could lead to death if you wish) but we want everyone to have fun.