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Sovanya Rayvne
Sova thought she'd gotten away with it, and then she began to feel her foster brother's tiny teeth needle her tail. She leapt in shock, and ran even more quickly toward Woya. Initially her features had twisted with venomous anger, but by the time she reached their mom she had schooled her expression into one of hurt. Instead of acknowledging her ploy, the adult tugged at her prize, and puppish growls began to spill from her chest as she wrestled to maintain her hold.

It slipped through her teeth so quickly and suddenly that she was left with a dropped jaw. Had she just-- The young Rayvne followed the carcass with her betrayal-widened eyes as it arced over her head and right to the little punk that had just been biting her. The rage washed over her, soaking her to the bone.

How dare she.

Sovanya was only briefly torn over who to attack to correct this horrendous injustice that had been dealt to her by her own mother. She settled upon the one who started it all, and lunged for Anatole with as much viciousness as a month-old whelp could.