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Save it for a rainy day — Sierra Hills 
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Fools Gold Chasm VII. Subordinate
Isomne Yvain
For the Sing for Rain game! Feel free to jump in or create your own!

Far too many days and nights had dragged by with no appreciable rain. What dew and paltry excuse for precipitation there had been was barely enough to wet the dust, much less lend greenery back to the foliage or replenish the sources of drinking water around the lore.

Isomne had heard tell of such things, though she had never experienced anything like this before herself, past the normal dry seasons that came and went. She had also heard tell of a possible solution, or at least an act that could provide some small catharsis for those suffering. A rain song, voices lifting together toward the heavens in chorus with the hope that something might hear them and lend some relief, or at least know of their woes. It was the only thing she knew to try that they weren't doing already, whatever it was worth, she had to do what she could.

Today, the longest of the year, showed no sign of relief in sight. Isomne made her way out just past the borders of the Chasm’s territory, intent upon singing her heart out. The bard ascended toward the red hills, which should get her that much closer to the sky. She could only hope others might hear and join, and that it might work. Perhaps the sky would finally answer, and give them the rain they were so desperate for. Tilting her head toward the vaulted blue, she took a deep breath and let loose her cry, pouring into the song all of the uncertainty, despair and hope that she felt. The song echoed across the landscape, rising up to meet the sky itself.
Rain. rain. rain!
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Augustin Gerau
The little lad had found himself a rather large stick during his explorations outside the den. Auggie decided it woukd make a nice prize and chew toy for the afternoon. He drug it back toward the den entrance where he could find some shade to spend the day in. Once he was there he settled in.

The young Gerau was ready to defend his stick from all of his siblings and there were a lot of them. Frankly more than the young pup cared to acknowledge though he did care for all of then equally. At least he did when his stick wasn't involved.

He'd chewed up quite a bit, the wood splinters covering the ground around him, when he heard it. It was a faint call but his young ears picked up on it easily. Perking up and moving in the direction it seemed to be coming from. He didn't know what it meant but then he didn't understand that there wasn't anywater. Nor did he understand that it hadn't rained. What he did understand was that he thought it might be fun to call back to he sat up on his haunches and raised his tiny little muzzle into the air and let out his tiniest, "Awwhooo".