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Monatalia Eastfall-Slayer
Practicing writing pups some more! Since in two days she'd fall under the 2 months/8 week mark, I'll write her as if she's there. Feel like it'd be silly not too. @aquene

Mona no longer wanted to stay in the den, or around the den. She wanted to follow her mother and father everywhere they went—question after question after question left her mouth. 'Whassat?', 'Whossat?', and more. Today was a cloudy day, and Mona was currently grilling her mother about the obvious change to the sky.

"Mama, up's goned." She declared, squinting the best she could up at the sky. She had a firmer understanding of spoken language, though she was better at listening to her parents than speaking herself. She pressed to her mother's side, pinning her ears. "Where's'it?" She inquired, green eyes focused entirely on the sky over where she was going.

It should have surprised nobody when she tripped; but when she tripped over her own paws, she tumbled and huffed, screwing up her face. Monatalia was, in fact, a drama queen and a very stingy little pup. She liked attention, no matter if it was good or bad attention.