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Some Coding Updates
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Fall Cleaning

We're going to be doing some coding things around the site over the next week or two in order to spruce things up a bit before fall, including but not limited to: fixing the member roster links, deleting gossip wall logs that are over a year old, and creating a few little treats to use around the site. One of which we have already done!

Posting Template

One exciting thing the staff team is bringing you is a posting template that is more mobile friendly and coding novice friendly to use around the site! We now have a basic coding template coded into the site for you all! It's a black table with grey text and a burnt orange/red speech text! All you need to do is use

tags around your post and
around your speech! There is an example of this down below. Feel free to start using this around the site.

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Thanks so much for your hard work! This is awesome!
Oh yesss that is a really easy table. :)