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watch me get burned alive — Dead Empress Backwater 
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Dead Empress Backwater I. Leader
Viorel Valle
Private thread for @Clover and @Vasco also tagging @Sharlee but just for thoughts.
Afternoon, Overcast, 15F/-9C

Fall was barely keeping winter at bay at this point, sometimes temperatures would get warm enough to melt the little amounts of snow that would fall, but it didn’t last long. Today an inch or so of the precipitation lined the ground, and though it was afternoon it was still well before freezing. It was this realization that they were facing winter right in it’s daunting face that made the leader finally admit to himself that he needed help. Another of his children were leaving, and taking an additional yearling with them, going out searching for his mate and cousin who should have been back by now.

This morning Viorel had woken up with the thought burned into his brain, he couldn’t keep waiting. He couldn’t keep struggling to keep everything together by himself and leading the pack on his own. Hopefully Vanadis and Vayko, and now Eros and Seri, would come back, but maybe they wouldn’t. He couldn’t keep taking the risk and wearing himself out on blind hope alone.He probably should have spoken with Sharlee about this decision, but he was worried she would talk him out of it.

The dark pelted Valle man had been pleasantly surprised to find a godwit, apparently stupid from the cold that had been left behind by it’s flock. With the advantage on the wolf’s side the kill had been quick and easy, and the small bird sat at his paws now as Viorel lifted his muzzle and called for his seconds to come and join him at the meeting grounds. The water stood beside him, partially frozen at the edges, and the broken boughs littered the area had icicles clinging to their side. It was a cold day for such a big change.