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January 2023 Updates
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January Updates

We hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season! Staff have been quietly working away behind the scenes on both the yearbook (which should be out in the next couple of days) and some policy changes. We currently have three changes that are being implemented,  the details for which can be found below, but in short we have a reminder regarding our policies for gender vs sex and appropriate gameplay thereof, clarification regarding character removal, and the reintroduction of the lone wolf dock.

Introduction of Gender Identity vs. Sex

We're sure the new fields have been noticed by now and we felt it fitting to go over a few things regarding them. While rules can be subject to shift or raised for questions (which we welcome!) there are a few big things to hit first.

It is important to state that RoW is LGBTQ+ Friendly and that we cater to a wide spread of people. Our number one rule is Civility and Respect — so we ask that you please remember it! If a problem arises that cannot be solved privately, please send a message to Spirit of Wildwood.

Transition Due to RoW being a wolf site and semi-realistic, there cannot be hormone replacement or surgeries to physically change your characters. However this update still allows them to present themselves in gender as they see fit!

Breeding Season and Puppies Please note that sex will be the determining factor on whether your character can carry a litter or not. While your character may identify however they like as a parental role, only those of the female sex will be able to carry. As such, only those of the male sex may impregnate others.

Parents should also state what the birth sex is for puppies in their adoption information. However a puppy who is AF/MAB (assigned female/male at birth!) may change as the player writes them. Parent characters may reasonably have reactions to any news shared of such changes. We urge you to keep reading on to understand the limitations of reactions, though.

Behavior and Plotting We do not like to stifle plots or monitor characters, but we do want to ensure comfort and safety on site. This is important in making sure everyone enjoys their time here on RoW, so please read closely.

Characters are allowed to have a negative response in regards to finding out that other characters are LGBTQ+ provided that it is done in a respectful manner. Examples of which might include, a parent finding out their child is LGBTQ+ and being disappointed they won't have grandkids, or a character being confused regarding learning the news (they are wolves and may have never heard of these things before!) But they cannot be violent, derogatory, or over the top. Again, our first rule has always been, and always will be civility and respect.

Characters who have a personality or motive built off of homophobia/transphobia/etc. will not be welcomed. We understand misgendering may happen in introductions (these are wolves!) and negative emotions may exist, however repeatedly engaging in anti-LGBTQ+ behavior may issue a warning.

In similar vein, we will be banning plots that involve a character dying for the reason of their sexuality or gender identity. Absolutely no characters should be attacking or killing others for their sexuality or gender identity.

Example: Bob had just found out that Luke was trans. Bob proceeded to attack, and kill, Luke because he had felt angry about what he had just found out.

A plot like the above would not be allowed under this new rule.

We would also like to stress that while we are currently allowing reasonably written negative responses in character, this absolutely does not apply to out of character areas of the site, including our discord. Plots can be discussed freely of course, but we have a zero tolerance policy for homophobia/transphobia for our members, and anyone engaging in such behaviours will be banned. For example Ghost and Tasha are discussing a thread where Bob finds out Luke is trans and Bob tells Luke that that's a weird thing to be. Ghost says she can see why Bob is confused since he had never heard of being trans before or wondering how Bob's mate Susan will react. This is okay! If Ghost was to say that being trans is weird, not okay.

Questions? Concerns? We welcome questions, comments or concerns! Please remember to be civil in your responses and that staff may not respond immediately if there is a need for discussion based on your input. If you are uncomfortable posting publicly, you may send a private message to Spirit of Wildwood.

Clarification Regarding Character Removal

There has recently been some debate regarding when a character should be considered gone from the game when removed with an activity check. While it has been enforced both ways in the past, we are now officially putting it in the rules that when a character is removed by the AC, and not reactivated prior to the three day grace period they are considered gone as of the day the activity check removed them.

Example Bob is last posted December 14th, and clears the December 15th check, he is not posted again. Bob is removed on the January 1st activity check and not reactivated within the three day grace period. Bob is considered to have left the game on January 1st.

Now! We would like to use this opportunity to re-introduce Character Wills. These were used previously with success so we thought it would be a great time to bring them back to light. We encourage everyone to see the list of examples HERE, and put whatever wills they are comfortable with in their player blurbs, just like your player preferences. Examples of which can currently be seen on Viorel's profile.

Loner Docks

Staff have decided to re-introduce the loner docks that had been seen previous to the site's reactivation. This was done primarily to address the large number of loners that we currently see on site, and to reflect how harsh the realities of being a loner in the winter is. Loners will now be docked once every 2 weeks -5LP to reflect the hardship of not having a pack to help support you. this will only be in effect for the winter and will halt in the spring as the environment gets easier to survive. Pack wolves, and loners who have active join threads will not be docked.

Now there are consequences to losing LP. Once a character reaches -10 life points they will be considered deceased, succumbed to the winter.
All sounds good!

For loner docks, what about pups who have little to no lp but have the support of parents/pack-like groups?

(Jan 08, 2023, 08:35 PM)Nash Wrote:  All sounds good!

For loner docks, what about pups who have little to no lp but have the support of parents/pack-like groups?

Hi Fly! That is one of the reasons we changed one of the previous rules from death happening at 0LP to -10LP. Since new characters do not start with points anymore we thought -10 was a more fair solution. This would take a month to get to, and new characters/pups will most likely be doing more "new wolf" threads, each of which earn 10LP.