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Happy 10th Birthday, RoW!
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@Niamh super sorry about the wait <3
if it's too dark lmk and i can adjust it!!

[Image: gCCCd0a.png] [Image: WoXP9pm.png]
[Image: 2zvAVMd.png]

dark is PERFECT for her!! ;O; THANK YOU SO MUCH
adopt my brother!
[Image: dc2fbin-ebafc8dd-4a28-4007-a4d7-3b44f6408cfc.png]
note: mentions of fortune telling and magic are purely a belief system.
@Rochus sorry for your wait as well!!

[Image: 1EWOVVu.png] [Image: oP4ZF0n.png]
That's amazing!! I love them :D <3
@Llinnea and a final apology to you for the delay <3 thanks again to everyone who participated in the birthday celebration!!

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