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A Fool's Mistake [M] — Kingsfall 
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Luca Denahi
Quote:Look here comes the consequence, consequence, consequence. Consequences of my actions chasing me right now. I don't want no consequence, consequence, consequence. I don't want no consequences chasing me right now.

AW to whoever wants to hop in, but please give @Jethro @Flair first grabs (if they desire to join). Heads up- puking.
tw: Skin picking

It had been a few days of him hiding his face from the pack. He hadn't been far, sticking close to the border and burying himself in hunting. He thought of not coming back at all that morning. He was no coward though, and Jethro deserved to know of his wrongdoings. He considered smearing himself in the feces of other animals and then washing off somewhere...but that felt like a big fat lie. Also, cowardly. Perhaps his hanging back was cowardly. Heck, maybe it was him. Maybe he was just a coward.

Luca was plagued with guilt and anxiety. It bore down on him like a heavy weight in his chest. The lower portions of his front legs, not quite to his paw, were bald and scabby from nerves. He'd picked at them with his incisors on and off when he wasn't hunting. He hardly slept. Hadn't eaten.

The man was either daydreaming of his Snowdrop or plagued with the dread of what was to come. He didn't want to leave Paradise Falls. He was willing to do whatever was asked of him to redeem himself. Anything...but being alone again. His stomach churned uneasily. His sides heaved. It was a reaction to stress and nothing came from his maw. He was a wreck. He had caused this. Brought it upon himself.

Luca sat uneasily near the cache he'd made just right inside of the borders. For the moment it was uncovered and freshly topped off with another hare. He wasn't sure how many were in there. Just knew it wasn't one, or two, or even three. Some were small and pathetic, young ones he'd manage to grab. Others were worthwhile and a display of the effort he'd put into his insomnia hunt.

Although weaker now the pretty lady's perfume clung to his grey pelt. The fact of which now felt like a curse. He'd given into an instinct he'd never faced before and wished to never cross again. The thought of @Enera suffering as his mother had caused the male to double over with bile dripping from his lips.


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He’d been.. distracted a lot as of late. There’d been so very much plaguing his mind, though all in all, things had seem to have been looking up. With the return of Flair and Chan, and his night spent with Fin, it’d taken a little while for him to notice. But something was off with Luca and his behavior.

Jethro had always known the younger man to be sociable, present amongst the wolves of the falls and within the heart of their territory. But for the last several days, he hadn’t been. He had been sticking to the fringes, and that had the dark one worried. He wasn’t naive, either. Nor unaware of the temptations the season presented, especially now.

Whatever was going on with him needed to be addressed. Although Jet had been the one to recruit the man, if it was something bad, his co-lead deserved the chance to address the matter too.

They’d headed out together to find their wayward packmate. A task that, thankfully, didn’t take a particularly long time. And as the two of them closed, Luca’s state appeared rather pitiful. He looked fatigued and was doubled over as if in pain. But beyond that, he.. also appeared to have nearly picked off all of the fur on the lower portion of his forelimbs, for they were bald and slightly bleeding or scabby.

Jethro's first thought was that maybe he was ill, but a quick breath, a taste of scent, suggested otherwise. He smelled of an unfamiliar woman. The scent was faded, but undeniable. A lot of things clicked into place with that.

And then a whole host of emotions threatened to overtake Jet at that, but he checked them, and cast a quick glance at his co-lead. As if to say, or ask, let me try, first.

”Luca. Please tell me this isn’t what I think it is.”

-- @Flair when you've got the time :o
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Flair Smoke-Athesila

She wasn’t quite sure what she’d expected to come home to; it wasn’t a big surprise that Siyet had been hurt and chosen to leave, she supposed, especially with Jet choosing to move forwards with Finley, but Flair had still hoped they could work it all out peacefully. Yet, the younger woman’s scent had almost faded entirely by the time Flair and Chan had finally made it back, and she’d guessed the reason even before speaking to Jethro.

However, Siyet was not the only one seemingly absent from The Falls’ territory, their newest member had been scarce as well – leaving his mark only on the caches he continued to fill. When Jethro approached with his concern, Flair instantly shared it, trusting his instincts about the other male and heading with him to search along the border.

What they found was a truly miserable sight, bad enough to make the fiery woman recoil, every instinct telling her to keep away from the sickly looking wolf. Only the scent, blowing towards her mixed with the stench of bile and blood, proved that Luca’s state was his own doing. Her hackles rose, teeth baring in anger and disgust. Only Jethro’s look kept her from laying into the ashy man right then, though a low rumble resonated in her throat as she nodded stiffly at her companion, making her position on the matter quite clear.

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