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[M] Now you're just a page torn from the story I'm building — Dead Empress Backwater 
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Dead Empress Backwater V. Medic
Oleander Valle
His thoughts flit to the girl he had seen in his dreams, the one who was nothing but imaginary. A figment of his imagination. Evidence of denial in his subconsciousness. If he couldn't have his mother to himself, he'd find another woman to attach himself to. Or so, he guessed. Oleander had never been one for deep thoughts or musings.

He blinked, eyes trained on the ground as his ears strained for his mother's voice. Vayko seemed to have it all under control though as Clover had not called for him during the process. As he lifted his steely gold gaze, he looked at his father and Eros. Asmund, he scented, was also close, but there was nothing Oleander could really do.

Thin limbs brought him to stand. As soon as he heard word that his mother was okay, the outcast son was going to take his leave.
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Relief flooded through him when he heard the cries of life from their second child… and then a third, a fourth, a fifth… four healthy lives and one that would not enter the world to join her siblings. The pain radiated in his chest, wondering where he had gone wrong… if perhaps this was the universe punishing him, them, for his shortcomings in the past… but he could not let himself dwell on it as she asked about names, thinking for a moment as her eyes fell upon their white-furred daughter for a moment. “Torianna.” He would murmur softly as he looked to his wife for her approval.

These children, along with their mother, would be the light of his world… the reason for his existence… in many ways, they already had been.

He only hoped it was strong enough to protect them from further tragedy.

“Khalon?” He would suggest, having sat down to tuck himself next to her, his eyes never leaving her and the children as he tried to think of names. He ought to have thought of them before, but it was as if this moment had slowly ticked to it and yet arrived suddenly, all at once.

Vayko Valle
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Dead Empress Backwater I. Leader
Viorel Valle

The murmur of voices from within the den had turned to a definite positive tone and Oleander was standing to leave. The father yearned to follow him and escape with wave of memories laying outside the den had brought on, but he wouldn’t. He knew his cousin had laid outside of Vanadis’ den to keep her safe more than once, and Clover’s for his children. It was his duty to lay here and return the favour and keep his cousin’s growing family safe.

Even if it hurt him.

His tail twitched in irritation, and he grit his teeth, but deep down some part of him was happy. It would take months before these feelings were big enough he could acknowledge him, but some part of him hoped this would eb a fresh start, something good to banish all the bad. And he would be here, the grumpy guardian to protect their peace.

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Clover Assana
She was oblivious to everything happening outside the den, as if there was a thick curtain at the den mouth blocking all sounds and smells. Her focus was solely on Vayko and there children, even as she felt weary down to her very bones from the ordeal of it all. The birth had taken much more out of her this time around, emotionally and physically, but she knew that with a long rest and eventually some food things would improve. Mostly.

The dull ache in her heart at their daughter who never took her first breath would stay with her for a long time.

Vayko then offered some names, the words rolling easily off his tongue and bringing a small smile to her face. They were unique, beautiful in their own way, and fitting for the new generation they had bestowed upon the backwater wolves.

"I like them," she said softly, gazing upon the two he was referring to with adoration. "How about... Euna?" Clover looked at the darkest girl of their litter for a few moments, then to their lastborn who was thankfully still breathing. "And Tuwile?"

Her gaze eventually moved to their firstborn who she still had laying beside her breast, unable to get herself to move her away from the others, a small inkling of hope that she would animate and come to life all on her own. "We should name her too..." Clover whispered, finally turning her gaze to Vayko, lower lip quivering slightly as she tried to keep in the pain that threatened to overflow.
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Torianna. Khalon. Euna. Tuwile. They were all beautiful names, and his eyes would soften as he nodded, running his nose across her cheek before pressing a soft lick to her crown. “They’re perfect.” He would offer for a moment, pausing his motions when she mentioned their final child, hearing the way that her lip quivered in her voice as she tried to control her emotions. In that moment, he knew he needed to be strong, if nothing else than for her. He gave it a safe consideration for a moment longer.

“Yagnenok… our little lamb.” He recalled it from a story he had heard on his travels with Vanadis, before everything had fallen as horribly as it had… it seemed like a fitting name from what he could remember.

“She’s not truly gone… she’s with us, in every passing moment.” He hoped if nothing else that his words would attempt to dull the ache that was clearly eating away at her. He was vaguely aware of Viorel’s continued presence outside the den, settling down next to his love with no intention of leaving… they needed a few minutes before it would be time to bury their daughter… to allow her to share the grave of her great grandmother.

A spirit he had no doubt would watch over her. Vayko had never considered himself spiritual, but in that moment it was hard to not be… it was hard not to hope for some measure of protection over his daughter’s innocent soul.

Vayko Valle
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Dead Empress Backwater III. Medic
Clover Assana
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The name Vayko offered for their firstborn rolled so effortlessly off his tongue, his words soothing the raw edges of the emptiness in her heart. The wound would take time to heal, and she was not sure if it would ever not cause her pain, but at least she didn't have to go through this pain by herself. She leaned into his affections, a soft sigh escaping her tired body.

"Our little lamb," Clover repeated softly. She was as innocent as one, unfairly taken from this world before she even had a chance to try and cling on to life. It was another reminder at just how cruel the world could be, but gazing upon their other four children was proof that the world was just as precious and wonderful as it was merciless. There could not be one without the other, no happiness without pain, nor peace without war.

The whole ordeal had sapped her of all her strength, physically and emotionally, and Clover settled in against Vayko, eyes barely staying half-open. She then spoke, voice catching softly in her throat at the very thought of it. "We should bury her in the morning." Their little lamb deserved a proper send-off.

And then after a moment Clover spoke again. "Stay with me tonight?" She murmured to him, her eyes finally closing fully, only still managing to keep herself pulled together from the strength he offered by simply resting beside her.
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Slowly, all of their children were assigned names… including the one who would never draw breath. Their little lamb. There would always be a sore and tender spot in his heart for their oldest by birth order… a remembrance and a mourning despite the four other lives that had been joyously brought into the world. He knew that Clover would feel it too, perhaps even more due to the fact that Clover herself was a healer.

He would offer a nod, running his nose along his wife’s cheek and down her neck to nuzzle gently against it. “We will bury her together.” He stated, curling up around her with a gentle whine. Of course he would stay with her. “Always, darling.” He offered gently as he settled as a solid form at her back and side to be there in comfort as she held their children close.