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people live here — Sanguine Cove 
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Sanguine Cove III. Shaman
Aquene Slayer
Aquene has called another meeting regarding the mounting smoke in the area, health effects, and plans coming forward. Attendance is mandatory. Next round will begin July 25th

Aquene had noticed the smoke growing, and so at the mouth of the pack den she would release a call for all in the Cove, attendance mandatory. There were concerns not just as a leader, but as a healer, for what would bode next for their pack… for their eldest and youngest. Eclypse had already proven to be moderately affected, and she feared what might befall Moon if she were stubborn enough to stay out in the haze for too long.

Once the call was released, she would tuck back into the pack den, keeping a close eye on her daughter as she awaited the others to arrive. She had timed it at a time that everyone should be within the territory.

She also worried that the smoke would affect the plants, contaminate that and their water source which meant a trip to the Backwater to find a peace with them would be all the more imperative… she might need to rely on Clover if she was to continue to treat the wolves of the mountain. She had to hope that there was a peace to be found.

Aquene Slayer
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Sanguine Cove VIII. Yearling
Eclypse Eastfall-Slayer
Eclypse was tired.

The air seemed lackluster and whenever someone came back inside from out there, they smelled funny. Enough that she usually coughed and sneezed again until her mother or father soothed her. Sometimes it even impacted her sleep or nap. It seemed no surprise that she might find herself constantly exhausted then.

Today would be no different when she laid upon the ground.

Pale eyes watched as her mother called out for others into the thick air. The usually bouncy and bright girl had no want to romp around this meeting. Instead she stayed where she was and only waited silently.

Perhaps a bit eerie.

sᴛᴀʀʟɪɢʜᴛ ᴡᴀs ᴍʏ ᴍᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ᴀɴᴅ ᴍʏ ғᴀᴛʜᴇʀ ᴡᴀs ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴀʀᴋ
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Sanguine Cove I. Leader
Nash Eastfall

Like his wife, Nash was concerned about the steadily thickening smoke in the air. More than once he'd gone higher up the side of the mountain than he usually would have so he might overlook the valleys and see if he could find the flames, but there were none to be seen. He wasn't sure if that was better or worse; it meant they were far away, but it meant he couldn't see the threat. He wasn't sure what he could do about fire, anyway... get everyone into the lake? But they would still have the problem of smoke, and Eclypse was already struggling...

Nash wasn't far when Aquene called, so he was quick to arrive. He didn't see her, so he ducked into the den and found her with their youngest daughter. He ducked down and quickly groomed the top of her head before shooting his wife a concerned look. Eclypse had been so full of life, and now she barely moved. This smoke wasn't good for any of them, but her tiny lungs... He didn't want to think about it. So he kissed the top of her head one more time, did the same to his wife, and stepped outside to sit and wait for the rest of the pack to answer the summons.

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Inactive IX. Subordinate
Diantha Vuesain

She was not going to be last this time. Despite how grumpy she had been with everyone else, Diantha did want to serve her pack well. She missed her mom, yes, and she hadn't found her out on the mountainside, but she didn't dare spend longer out looking. She didn't want @Galen to think she'd abandoned him too. Even more, now that Stella had disappeared once again. Anxiety gnawed at Di's stomach. She wished her sister would stick around more, but at least they had Leo. Leo was always so stable.

When the call went up Di immediately stood and made her way to the pack den. To her confusions Aquene wasn't there. Di pulled up short and looked around. It had been their shaman, right? But it was Nash sitting by the den entrance. Confused, the yearling crept forward until her other leader's scent hit her nose and she realized she must be inside with the newest pup. A little less confused now, Di sat a short distance away, facing Nash, and waited.

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Sanguine Cove VII. Subordinate
Galen Vuesain
Just when Galen had stared to believe things were finally taking a turn for the better and those that called the mountain home could finally stand a fighting chance at healing from their past wounds the world around them seemed to mock such thoughts. It wasn't amiss by the swarthy yearling the continued decrease in the number of his family that wandered about the territory while Magg's increased; even if just by one, a pang of jealously and an all too familiar ache of loneliness sinking its deadly cold fingers into the cavity of his chest. Nor was the gradual increase of a smokey haze that seemed to choke the very air out of his lungs whenever he dared stay out in the open too long.

Unfortunately, there were still responsibilities Galen had to fulfill and dirty air was no excuse to start slacking. Ebony limbs trudged lethargically; unbeknownst to him that it was a developing side effect that came with the heavy smoke he inhaled while patrolling, along the perimeter when his steps paused to twitch an ear atop his head hearing Aquene calling out for the pack, dark brows furrowing together in confusion as to what another meeting could be about this time and so soon after their last. With all the quickness his tired limbs could muster he turned himself around to head for the communal area, finding he wasn't the first to arrive nor the last despite his sluggish pace. Surprisingly Di had managed to beat him and his sole remaining litter-mate was given a nudge to her cheek in greeting before his haunches lowered to take a seat at her side.

Where golden eyes had expected to find that of their matriarch instead his gaze came to fall upon the opposite, finding Nash seated outside the den. The swarthy man was given a respectful nod, opting to wait in silence while the rest filtered in.
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Lone Wolf No Rank
Moonshadow Eastfall
I think I need help, cuz I'm drowning in myself

A horse cough tore its way through her airway. It was one of many since the smoke had invaded their home, polluting their pristine air. When the scent first reached her nose it instantly sent her wheeling back. Panic and anxiety flooded her as it sent her back to being a pup and being separated from her family. Clouded eyes frantically looked around for the source. But there was none to be found. No bright flames, no unnatural heat, no giant plumes of smoke - yet. Her heart pounded in her chest as she tired to calm herself. As the days passed her anxiety didn't. The smoke increased, inflaming her lungs and eyes. She had been told to stay within the den to keep out of the smoke, and for once she listened with very little push back. She simply didnt have the energy to do otherwise.

While the elderly Eastfall woman mostly listened and stayed in the den, she would venture out sometimes to either get water or try to contribute in some way. This time she had ventured out for the former, making her way slowly to the lakeshore. Her hazy mercury gaze looked over the water, unable to see to the other side of the lake. Bits of ash had landed in the water, almost looking like bits of snow. With a sigh Moonshadow lowered her head to drink at the shoreline, careful to not get any bits of ash. As a child she had made that mistake and remembered how long it took to get the taste out of her mouth - far too long.

A wheezing coughing fit erupted from her salt and pepper maw, telling her that she had been out for too long. Moon's coral tongue lapped the water one more time before she turned back towards the pack den. Aquene's voice filled the Cove, calling for a mandatory pack meeting. Moving as quick as her aged limbs would allow her, she returned to the den. Her gaze fell upon her son and two of her adopted grandchildren. Her tail waved slowly but happily at her hocks as she made her way to greet each one of them. She was careful to try and suppress any coughs or wheezing that tried to make their way out of her chest. She didnt want to worry them. She took a place near the entrance of the den and laid down in the cool dirt. Man that trek trip took a lot out of her. Something she knew shouldnt have...age was a silent killer.

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Sanguine Cove VI. Subordinate
Matos Eastfall-Slayer
What was in the air? It smelled gross, burning his nose and lungs every time he breathed. It looked gross, burning his eyes, coating everything in a brownish hue. It made the ebony yearling feel funny. He decided he certainly did not like smoke. Most of all he didnt like what it was doing to his little sister and grandmother. He heard the way they coughed and saw how tired they seemed to always be. Matos just wanted it to go away. Until it did though he would do his best to keep up with his duties to help his parents and pack.

To say he was tired was an understatement. The boy felt sluggish but was determined to pull his weight. Large paws that were almost grown into roamed over the rocky terrain in a border patrol opposite to the one that Galen had been doing. Only a bit more was needed then he would head to the infirmary in hopes of finding some ergot to ebb this headache of his. The Eastfall-Slayer boy hadn't ever really dealt with a headache unless he had taken a tumble as a pup. Lately though he had become quite familiar with them. When his mother's call reached his audits he abandoned the trip to the infirmary and made his way to the pack den.

He was the last of the yearlings to arrive but somehow had beaten Stella. She was usually so prompt, he wondered if she was okay. Moving around Matos greeted everyone, starting with his grandmother before settling near his agemates. A small cough came from his maw as he waited for his mother to start the meeting. Speaking of which...where was she?

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Sanguine Cove III. Shaman
Aquene Slayer
Reminder Attendance is Mandatory! Next round due August 15th

Aquene wondered if perhaps they ought to consider a field trip… a small trip to the base of the mountains where things seemed clearer… but leaving their pack lands? That was something she could not fathom doing either. There was concern for her mother-in-law as well, the way that she heard the heavy cough and went over to check on the woman, running her nose along the woman’s sternum in the hopes of allowing her to cough up whatever was stick into her lungs.

Slowly they all gathered within the den, a pregnant pause of silence carrying as she waited in hopes that Leo, Stella, and Magg would be joining them… eventually, she knew she would need to start. “Thank you all for gathering on such short notice.” There was worry in her voice, mostly directed towards those who had not arrived yet.

“As you all have noticed, the smoke has begun to thicken around the mountain. Nash has done some scouting and we are not certain as to where it is coming from, only that it exists… there are many health concerns that come with inhalation of smoke, especially to our youngest and oldest who are most prone to sickness in the lungs to begin with. As such, we’re implementing a few rules for everyone’s safety… between tasks like border patrol or hunting, return to the pack den. The natural moss and lichens near the base of the den have lessened its presence here which will give your lungs time to recover… additionally, do not do anything alone. It is possible to collapse from the effects of smoke on you, and so the buddy system is paramount. For now, Moon, and Eclypse, we would like you both to remain in the den, just until it begins to break and the thickness in the air is less.” She looked to Nash to see if there was anything to add.

Aquene Slayer
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Sanguine Cove V. Guardian
Leo Vuesain

The trip north had been even more exhausting than he’d expected, not least because of the intensifying smoke. Leo had asked himself countless times if they should have turned back, but by the time the real gravity of the situation had hit him, they were already at their destination – and their allies in Paradise Falls had been happy to offer them shelter. Perhaps they should have stayed and allowed the worst of it to blow over, but every moment away from the Cove only heightened the young Vuesain’s anxiety.

So they had gone, however taking their time to journey back, with many rests to catch their breaths and clear their lungs. Travelling with @Magg had been surprisingly easy – the girl was quite the bundle of energy, but she had a good head on her shoulders, and Leo had felt comfortable letting her roam to satisfy her curiosity and give him some time to recharge. Still, he had been thoroughly beat by the time they crested the mountain and had sought out a private spot to rest as soon as they’d given their report.

But it wasn’t long before Aquene’s voice roused him from his sleep, ears perked as he blinked bleary eyed; What’s going on? The answer revealed itself as he stepped into the open and was instantly enveloped in smoke – the mountain which had previously been much clearer than the eastern valley, was now fully cloaked in the dark mist.

Leo did his best to hurry, but had to pause several times, coughing and wheezing, to clear his throat of thick, dark slime. When he finally arrived at the main den, most of the pack had already gathered, and he could hear Aquene’s voice drifting from the opening. As quietly as he could, the young wolf would slip inside and find a free spot, burying his muzzle in one armpit to cough quietly while he listened to his alphess.

Thoughts ”Speech”

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Sanguine Cove IX. Lowest
Magg Slayer
note to self, this is forward dated to 7/22 when Leo and Magg return from their PF trip.

This smoke shit sucked. It had only gotten worse, driving the girl as quickly back toward their home as possible- and it still had taken almost twice as long as the trip out. She wanted dearly to make sure tragedy had not struck the mountain again in their absence, but the smoke choked and exhausted her, making her nauseous and forcing her and Leo to repeatedly stop for rest.

Thankfully, when they had finally made it back just hours ago, it was to everyone in the pack still alive and accounted for. The mountains weren't tall enough to lift them past the smoke, but at least there were no fires that could be seen from their peaks. For now, things were okay. Just okay.

She had gratefully collapsed at the soonest moment possible, but had stirred when thirst caused her tongue and throat to ache and departed the pack's den to walk to the lakeside. That alone was winding, and she still felt utterly exhausted. Dulled eyes watched the sun burning a peculiar color through the smog, and she almost didn't even hear her mother's call. Magg took her time in hoisting herself back up onto her paws and scaling that sloping incline which led to the den.

When she arrived, her mother was addressing the gathered group. The nearest to her was @Diantha's opposing flank, and she sat directly next to the other girl and leaned into her shoulder just as she would have her own sibling. A yawn forced her jaws opened, but it was interrupted by a brief hacking fit. Her coughs weren't the only that could be heard amongst the group, emphasis to Aquene's points.